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The nose is the structure in the middle of our face that attracts the most attention when we look at us. Therefore, a beautiful and natural nose is indispensable for facial beauty. At the same time, it allows us to breathe, smell, humidify and warm the air and make our voice special to us. In other words, it adds a lot to our face in terms of aesthetics and also has very important duties in terms of human health.

Deformities in the nose affect your external appearance by disrupting the harmony of your face, affect your health by causing nasal congestion, and as a result of all these, it can affect your psychology and your self-confidence in human relations. Here, aesthetic nose surgeries are performed to solve all these problems.

What can we do with aesthetic nose surgery?

With aesthetic nose surgery, if the nose is arched, we can take this arch, if the nose tip is low, we can lift the nose tip, if the nose tip is too raised, we can bring it to the normal position, if the nose root is behind, the area between the nose root and forehead can be filled, we can lengthen the nose that seems shorter than normal and correct the disjointed appearance of the eyes. If the distance between the upper lip and the upper lip is long, we can shorten it, and if it is short, we can lengthen it.

We can get crooked noses in the midline. We can make the nostrils and wings smaller. If the tip of the nose is ball-like and thick, we can thin it out or expand it if it seems to be tightened. Before the surgery, we plan how much of these changes the patient needs and enter the surgery knowing what to do.
Planning is specific to each patient. It is important enough for each patient to work on it individually and sometimes for hours.

Does correcting the shape of the nose have a positive effect on the function?

The nose, which is bad in structure, also has bad functions. In other words, a patient with a bent or crooked nose, or a concave or crooked side wall, a curvature in the inner bone, cannot breathe and nasal congestion develops. there is no improvement nor in aesthetic appearance.
Today, we consider the inside and outside of the nose as a whole. As a result, the curvature of the nasal bone that prevents breathing should be evaluated before aesthetic nose surgery and if there is curvature, it should be corrected in the same surgery. Elimination of this defect is very important not only in terms of function but also in terms of aesthetics.
What are the changes in the philosophy of surgery as a result of scientific developments in aesthetic nose surgeries?
Nasal surgery techniques have changed the concept after the 2000s as a result of the progress of science and medicine and the experience gained. As a result of a better understanding of the anatomy of the nose, the development of the aesthetic view and the combination of these two factors, the surgical perspective and mentality have changed. As a result, the importance of protecting the nasal functions while aiming for natural and harmonic aesthetic results has been understood.

rhinoplasty burun esteti%C4%9Fi erkekIn the 1960s, when aesthetic vision and nasal anatomical knowledge and surgical techniques were insufficient, the fashionable noses were the noses with a very hollow back (boat nose) and excessively upturned noses, which were defined as pig noses.

These noses were noses with an unnatural and surgical appearance. These noses were usually made with the technique of when excessive cartilage and bone removal was the norm of aesthetic nose surgeries. Today, such noses are characterized as unwanted and “smelling excessive surgery” noses.

The noses that appear as a result of such surgeries, which are extremely shrunken, lifted, and cause the eyes to stand apart and, so to speak, “obese”, do not match with today’s aesthetic understanding.

Today, a successful aesthetic nose surgery aims to make a nose that is not certain to be operated (natural) and that can fully perform its functions, that is resistant to the effects of aging for many years (not collapse, warping) that directs the attention to the person’s eyes, not the nose. What draws my attention is that almost all patients who apply for aesthetic nose surgery want a natural, inconspicuous, unobtrusive nose.

The aim of aesthetic nose surgeries is to make a nose that is compatible with other parts of the face and does not have breathing problems. The nose should also be in balance within itself.

In other words, the back, tip, and parts of the nose where it meets the face should be compatible with each other.
When naturalness deteriorates, art comes into play.
Marc Chagall

So what should we understand from a beautiful nose?

For us, a beautiful nose equals a natural nose. Noses in which the nasal ridge is excessively carved and the tip of the nose is raised too much is far from natural.burun estetik

A nose that has undergone plastic surgery should not only be viewed from one direction, but should be beautiful and balanced in every way.

What we care about the most is that the nose is beautiful from the front. Because we communicate face-to-face in our relationships with people all our lives, and people always remember our face from the front.
Standard nose surgery should not be performed on every patient, but personalized planning and tailor-made nose surgery, so to speak, should be performed.

A well-made nose:

– It should look natural in itself and should be in harmony with the other structures of the face.
– It should not have a surgical nose appearance.
– People’s attention should be directed to your eyes rather than your nose.
– Nasal obstructions should be corrected in the same surgery and breathing should be better after surgery

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