Rhinoplasty is generally used to eliminate deformities in the nose.

Although it is thought to be done, breathing, which is the most important function of human beings,

problems can also be resolved with Rhinoplasty surgeries. Bone in the nose

curvature, flesh growth, or other problems that interfere with breathing

can be resolved simultaneously during the aesthetic procedure. Sometimes aesthetics in the patient

Without anxiety, only breathing problems may be present. In such cases

To be able to fix only breathing problems without interfering with the image


Nose arch, deformities, curvature and crookedness, asymmetry or

nasal tip droop is the technique we use in aesthetic surgery today and

can be corrected easily. The most important issue in rhinoplasty

expressing the patient’s expectation to the physician fully and clearly and

question the period.

Surgery and Recovery Process

Nose surgeries take about 2 -2.5 hours. surgery general anesthesia

done under. At the end of the operation, the holes in the nose of the patient

Thin silicone pads are placed for comfortable breathing. On the nose too

A small plaster is placed. This plaster and silicone pad is removed after the first week.

Since some bruising and edema will occur in the patient after nose surgeries,

This is an opinion that nose surgeries are painful for most people.

creates. However, Rhinoplasty is not a painful operation. recovery period

There is no pain in the nose and around it. Formed bruises

resolves within the first week. Most of the swelling is between 2 and 3 weeks.


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