Nose Aesthetics

What is Nose Aesthetics?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical application performed to correct some medical problems such as deviation in the nasal septum or to improve only the nasal features.

In order to improve the appearance of the nose, more than one million people apply to a facial and plastic surgeon every year to have rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty is a safe and uncomplicated procedure performed by reshaping the bone and cartilage of the nose in order to improve the current appearance and functions of the nose. The goal of rhinoplasty is to aesthetically correct the nose to match the other features of the face.

How should the perfect nose be in rhinoplasty?

A beautiful and aesthetic nose is always the one that looks good. Harmony, which is associated with beauty, is explained by formulas in science. Scientists express the criterion of beauty with mathematical concepts such as the golden ratio. Plastic surgeons who perform aesthetic surgeries learn these ratios in their training, and perform aesthetic nose surgeries with the correct proportions that are unique to the person with their experience.

Because each person’s face is different in size and shape, the perfect nose for everyone is different. Despite this, general common aesthetic criteria can be mentioned. Such as the back of the nose being straight, the tip of the nose narrow and making a certain angle with the upper lip. The important thing in rhinoplasty is to make a nose in accordance with aesthetic criteria, taking into account the facial features of the person.

Our aim in aesthetic nose surgery (Nose aesthetics) is to obtain a natural-looking nose after surgery. An unnatural, smaller than normal nose, with the tip of the nose too high, is not suitable for aesthetic criteria.

How Should Nose Aesthetics Examination Be?

If you are breathing through your mouth, if you have nasal congestion problems, your dissatisfaction will increase more because your quality of life is low.

You don’t want to talk unless you can breathe properly, you have a tired body and you don’t want to get out of bed because you can’t sleep comfortably. When you don’t have energy, your dissatisfaction and self-confidence increase even more.

If you are experiencing these problems, you should have aesthetic nose surgery. You need to start research on your nose surgery. You should not delay having surgery to improve your quality of life. Do not allow procrastination in your life to improve your quality of life.

In nose job operations, rhinoplasty, septorhinoplasty, tipplasty operations are performed according to your problems. Which surgery you need, rhinoplasty, septorhinoplasty or tipplasty is decided in your one-to-one mutual examination.

You can learn what Rhinoplasty, Septorinoplasty, Tipplasty operations mean from the section on the right. More important than knowing what these surgical terms mean, it is important for people to communicate well with their doctor during their examination regarding these operations. As a result, a good plastic surgeon performs the Rhinoplasty operation successfully, and also the septorinoplasty operation successfully. It is more important to perform a successful operation examination than to know the detailed meanings of the operation techniques. He should be a surgeon who expresses his expectations and wishes well, listens to himself and communicates.

Nose Aesthetics Before Examination

When an indispensable organ of your facial beauty is the nose, in the middle of our face, when it is out of proportion with the eyes and lips, our dissatisfaction with beauty and handsomeness begins. When you look in the mirror, your dissatisfaction with yourself sometimes begins.

If you only have problems with your nose functions, nose surgery related to nose functions is performed. Despite your nose deformities, you may not be dissatisfied with your nose shape.

If you have both nose shape and breathing problems or if you only have problems with your nose shape, you should be examined by a plastic surgeon to have aesthetic nose surgery.

What to Know Before Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

• Rhinoplasty surgeries and nose surgeries are performed under general anesthesia.

• They are surgeries performed by a surgeon and must be performed in hospitals.

• Since these surgeries are plastic surgeries performed after the age of development, people over the age of 18 can undergo surgery.

• Since it is performed with general anesthesia, you should be hungry on the day of surgery before going into surgery. Information that you need to stay hungry, etc. will be specified by your anesthesia and plastic surgery doctor.

• Depending on your nose shape and nasal problems, your operation time is 1.5-3 hours.

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What is Unpadded Nose Surgery?

Cosmetic Surgeons no longer use tampons in most of their rhinoplasty surgeries.

There is no one who has not read the legendary bumper stories on the Internet. These legendary tampon stories were traditional tampons used in nasal surgeries.

Today, modern silicone tampons are used in people who need to use tampons. Bumper Nightmares are history. Silicone bumpers are designed and manufactured to allow people to breathe. They do not stick into the nose. It is easy to remove. People do not feel pain.

What is Rhinoplasty?

It is the operation of correcting nasal deformities, only the deformities of your nose shape. These are the operations where there are no intranasal problems and breathing problems are not corrected.

Your Plastic Surgery doctor will ask you if you have breathing problems during your examination. If you do not have breathing problems, Rhinoplasty (rhinoplasty) will plan a nose job.

In your examination, your nose photo is taken and it is decided what shape to be planned in computer environment. The shape that will appear on the screen is the image of your possible nose shape after the operation.

For nose deformities, the nose tip and holes are technically corrected. The protrusions or excesses on the nose and the ridge of the nose are corrected. There are no scars outside the nose.

After the nose surgery, there is a plaster on the nose, there is no tampon in the nose.

What is Septorhinoplasty (Septorinoplasty)?

If you have shortness of breath and you want to change the shape of your nose, nasal aesthetics and shortness of breath surgeries are called Septorhinoplasty. Septorhinoplasty is a nose job.

The curvature of the structure called the septum in the middle part of the nose makes breathing difficult and you observe it as a deformity in the nose. Sometimes, every septum curvature cannot be seen when viewed from the opposite side. It can be determined by your mutual examination with your plastic surgery doctor.

If you have shortness of breath in the nose, this problem should be eliminated in your nose aesthetic operation.

Your nose curvature will be photographed and the planned nose shape will be shown to you after the operation on the computer.

During the operation, your nose tip is shaped, the nostrils are made to look normal. All kinds of nose deformities and breathing problems are corrected.

It is a rhinoplasty for both aesthetic and health purposes. Symmetry is provided. The incisions formed in the nose are closed with dissolving threads. All kinds of nose deformities and breathing problems are corrected.

After the nose surgery, there is a plaster on the nose, a silicone tampon can be used in the nose.

Do not delay your septorinoplasty surgery for a beautiful nose and comfortable breathing.

Should Rhinoplasty be the Open Method or the Closed Method?

Plastic Surgeons perform successful nose surgeries that they have performed many times, closed according to their preferences, or open according to their preferences. It is not correct to make a distinction as to which of the two methods is better. In rhinoplasty, the choice of the doctor you trust is important.

Successful results are obtained in both methods.

In the Open Method, an incision is made at the tip of the nose. This incision is closed with self-dissolving sutures. In this method, the aim of the incision is to make the anatomy of the nose clearer. Problems such as concha, deviation, septum in the nose are cleared by observing clearly. The nose tip is easier to shape. There is no incision in the closed method.

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