Non-Wearing Solution for Yellow Teeth

Using some commercially available whitening materials without professional help to whiten teeth may cause dental health to deteriorate while trying to beautify the teeth. The use of whitening materials obtained from the market or the internet for teeth whitening, other than the control of a doctor, poses a great risk for dental health. Applying the whitening materials sold in the market unconsciously can damage the tooth structure and even cause worse and more pronounced color changes in the teeth.

The duration of use of the whitening process to be applied by a specialist physician is largely in direct proportion to the care shown by the people who have the application to their dental care. In addition to tea, coffee, chocolate; By reducing the consumption of dyed foods such as ketchup, tomato paste and acidic beverages as much as possible, re-coloration of the whitened teeth can be prevented. In addition, it is possible to preserve the color of the teeth for a long time with the support of whitening effective toothpaste, which can be used in consultation with the dentist. In order to have bright and white teeth, it is necessary to leave the job to expert hands. Otherwise, dental health may be at risk when trying to beautify the teeth.

How is teeth whitening done?

In order to protect the gums, a light-curing barrier (protective) of 3-5 mm thickness is applied to the area where the teeth and gums meet (gingival-gum-barrier). Then, the active bleaching chemical agent prepared outside is applied on the teeth. The patient and the physician wear glasses in order not to be affected by the light source to be used. Then, the light device is operated so that the patient’s mouth is irradiated. And the light device is applied to the teeth.

Is there any pain during the whitening process?

There may be some sensitivity during the procedure and in the following 24 hours. This is a temporary situation. Your doctor will give you suggestions to get through this situation in the most comfortable way.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Teeth whitening is extremely effective and safe if done under the supervision of your dentist. Teeth and gums are not damaged in any way.

What should be considered after teeth whitening?

The most important detail that you should pay attention to during and 2 weeks after teeth whitening is to stay away from food items containing colorants, especially tea, coffee, cigarettes.

Are teeth whitening and teeth cleaning the same thing?

Tooth whitening, also known as bleaching, is the bleaching of the tooth color by using chemical agents for several tones. Tooth cleaning is the removal of tartar and stains on the teeth in the form of attachments.

As a result, teeth whitening is a very comfortable and effective method that can be performed by your dentist in a clinical setting. The comfort of the patients is prioritized during and after the whitening process.

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