Non-surgical skin stretching method

Non-surgical skin stretching is performed with the radiofrequency method. It is a treatment method using radio waves.

Radio waves activate water molecules and ions in the body. Due to this movement, energy is released and the area is heated. The aim is to increase the temperature of the treated area up to 40-43 degrees. When it comes to this point, it means that the temperature of the subcutaneous region has reached 50-55 degrees. The selective heating effect of radiofrequency technology sends controlled heat to the subcutaneous fat layer. It acts on the deep subcutaneous and adipose tissue, where collagen is produced, without damaging the skin, nerves and blood vessels. Heated collagen fibers shorten the cavity and the tissues connected to it are tightened. With the effect of heat, collagen-producing fibroblast cells are stimulated to produce fresh collagen. With radiofrequency application, cell metabolism accelerates and blood circulation in the region increases. Fat cells are broken down and the wavy appearance in the area to be treated is alleviated. Thus, a reduction in oil volume is achieved.

Before and after radio frequency treatment, massage should be done, plenty of water should be drunk, sports and diet should be done. These are not mandatory, but such methods and behaviors also support the success of the treatment and its longer-lasting effect.

Facial sagging and wrinkles can be prevented with radiofrequency treatment. Non-surgical skin stretching can be applied. Loosening of the arms and recovery of the under-chin area can be achieved. Regional thinning procedures can be done. It can be applied in cellulite treatment and irregularities after liposuction.

Since radiofrequency treatments selectively heat fat tissues and collagen without benefiting from any light energy, this treatment is suitable for all ages and all skin types. A normal treatment takes 8-10 sessions. Each session is approximately half an hour. This time may vary depending on the area being treated. It is an almost painless treatment method. A feeling of heat may be felt during treatment. After treatment, mild redness and warmth of the skin may occur. These conditions disappear in about 1-2 hours. Treatment results begin to be seen from the first session. You can return to your daily life immediately after radiofrequency treatment.

At the end of the treatment, stretching and tightening of the facial skin is achieved. In body applications, especially the hips and upper legs are visibly rejuvenated, stretched and the hips are lifted, sagging in the arms, relaxation in the waist and abdomen are recovered. In the problem areas, there is advanced improvement in the appearance of lumpy and orange peel. As a result, a firmer, smoother skin and an overall slimming and recovery are achieved. Radiofrequency applications can be applied to any skin color. It does not cause any staining. Does not increase sensitivity to the sun.

Radiofrequency therapy is not applied to those who are pregnant, use pacemakers, wear metal prostheses, cancer patients, Parkinson’s and MS patients.

Radiofrequency price is on average the same as liposuction fat removal surgery. It is a painless, painless and bloodless treatment compared to liposuction.

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