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During the interview about rhinoplasty, many people say that they are afraid of the operation and want small changes without changing the shape of the nose by staying natural, and that they cannot spare time for the operation. In the past, I could not respond to these requests.

Along with technological developments, many innovations that we can apply in rhinoplasty have emerged. We have started to benefit from the permanent suspension method (endolift), botox and filling applications, especially in the nose. Now, these non-surgical methods can be applied mostly to those who have nasal complaints. Being able to achieve results without getting away from our social environment in our busy lives makes these methods more attractive.


Endolift; It is a procedure that takes 30-40 minutes under local anesthesia without changing the cartilage and bone structure. Narrowing at the tip of the nose, narrowing of the nose wings, lifting the tip of the nose can be achieved permanently with this method. One of the most admired results is the reduction of the nose.

If a definite change is desired in these areas, classical rhinoplasty can be preferred in people with a very large arch on the nose and wide bone structure to the side.

Special suspension threads are placed under the skin in a special way without making any incisions. Very soft materials cannot be felt under the skin by hand. After the intervention, there is a swelling in the nose that will pass in 2-3 days. In order for this to heal faster, a band is placed on the nose during this period. After the tape is removed 3 days later, the person can fully return to his social life. Since no work is done in the nose, no tampon is placed and the person does not have breathing problems. In this period, the crusting in the entry area of ​​the needles disappears.

In many people, during this procedure, we perform the rasping process by entering a small incision from the inside of the nose. With rasping, we get some of the uncomfortable excess on the upper part of the nose.

This method does not prevent people from thinking about classical rhinoplasty in the future. It is also comforting for people to have an alternative like this: If desired, they can take the materials and return them to their original form with a one-minute attempt.


If the tip of the nose falls during laughing and the tip of the nose seems low; In these people, the bridge of the nose indirectly seems too much. Botox can be used in these people. If there is an enlargement of the nose wings while laughing, Botox is successful in making the wings look thin.

It can be applied in limited problems of the nose.

Botox application takes 5 minutes. The effect after Botox injection continues for 4-6 months. Since the fall and expansion of the nose is prevented, narrowing and lifting are seen at the tip of the nose. After the application, the person continues his current life.


By filling the gaps in the nose, it is possible to make the belt appear less in those with a light belt.

If people who have had an operation before and have problems cannot spare time for the operation again, nasal filling may be an option.

It is a 10-minute application after the application of a numbing cream on asymmetric noses for those who are afraid of the operation and want a slight change in their nose without experiencing a recovery period before special days.

Filling material should be FDA approved hyaluronic acid. Its effect continues for 6-12 months. Social life can be resumed on the same day.

It should also be kept in mind that the results of the rhinoplasty operation and the results of these applied methods will differ.

If the shape of your nose is suitable in the middle of our face and we cannot hide it, now you have solutions other than classical rhinoplasty. You can slightly change the shape of your nose, which hides the other beauties of your face.

May all the beauties be with you with your beautiful nose…

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