Non-Surgical Eyelid Lift (Plasma Energy)

plasma energy, widely used in Europe for 15 years, CE It is a documented application. plasma energy (=ionic atmospheric gas =4th state of matter) While ionizing the gases in the air, it works with the mechanism of generating an electrical arc towards the target tissue. When the tip of the device comes close to the skin surface, this arc ionizes the atmospheric gases and creates an explosion energy. (plasma energy) This energy sublimates the keratinocytes in the upper layer of the skin. (While a solid normally needs to turn into a liquid and then a gas, when it sublimes, it goes directly into a gaseous state.) While the target tissue sublimes, this energy is not reflected to the surrounding tissue and subcutaneous layers and remains limited in the target tissue. Thus, non-surgical, bloodless, suture-free and excellent results can be obtained.

The procedure is usually performed 30 – 45 minutes after the numbing cream application. It causes a small crusty appearance that can be covered with liquid foundation after application. This image will pass in a period of 4 to 10 days and you will return to your normal life thanks to the desired recovery.

Plasmage It acts by converting the gaseous nitrogen and water vapor in the area where it is applied into plasma with high energy. The ion cloud formed as a result of interaction affects the skin surface and provides rapid regeneration.
with plasma energy skin cleansing-renewal or with plasma energy, non-surgical upper eyelid aesthetics can also be applied. The application takes about half an hour for two covers.

Body areas where it is applied;

  • Upper-lower eyelid wrinkles,
  • Crow’s feet around the eyes,
  • Lines and wrinkles on the lip
  • Ear wrinkles,
  • Acne scars and acnes,
  • Raised lesions from the skin,
  • spots on the skin,
  • Wart-flesh moles,
  • Wound or surgical incision scar,
  • sebaceous cysts,
  • Wrinkles around the abdomen.

How is Plasmage made?

The area to be treated is cleaned with antiseptic liquid. Local anesthetic cream is applied, 20 minutes. wait and process.

Does pain occur with Plasmage?

There is no pain-stinging sensation during the application. After the application, there may be a very slight feeling of pain. However, this feeling is not bothersome and can go away in 1 to 2 days.

How long does plasma take?

Depending on the size of the area to be treated, it takes 5 to 20 minutes after local anesthesia.

What are the advantages of Plasmage?
· The application is easy and short-term,
· Does not require dressing
It does not interfere with daily life.

How is recovery after Plasmage application?

Cover the application area with liquid foundation with sun protection factor. UV’ It also helps to remove thin crusts that may be in the area during cleaning. It heals in 5 to 7 days.

Plasmage price?

Pricing varies according to the size or width of the area to be treated.
How long does the effect last and how many sessions are required when non-surgical eyelid lift aesthetics is performed?
The desired effect is achieved in 1 to 3 sessions. Duration depends on personal factors (sleeping habits, degree of sagging, smoking and alcohol consumption, etc.)It takes 2 to 5 years, although it varies according to the country.

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