Non-Surgical Breast and Hip Augmentation (Aquafilling)

The method introduced as non-surgical breast and pop augmentation or non-surgical breast and hip enlargement; It is a hydrophilic gel method that can be applied without surgery to make the breast and hip tissues of women look more attractive and natural. This gel is a biological material with high compatibility with human tissues. combination of 98% It gives the natural appearance of the human body, thanks to its composition of water. It provides high safety and a long-lasting effect.

The main feature of the procedure is that the recovery period after the application is short. In order to give the gel, a single entry point is opened from the lower middle border of the breast contour or the outer quadrant of the hip contour, and a single needle hole is sufficient for this entry point. There is no hospitalization as it is a non-surgical procedure that causes minimal trauma to the patient.

The result shows itself instantly, larger and upright breasts are achieved within 45 minutes.

Another great advantage of the process over the silicon process is; It is performed under local anesthesia by numbing the chest or hip area only. The patient is awake and during the application, breast and hip tissue can be shaped according to his own ideas. Depending on the effect of the local anesthetic liquid given after the application, a slight extra swelling occurs in the breast or hip. This extra swelling will go away on its own within a week. The patient is not put to sleep under general anesthesia. In this way, the patient does not have the fear of never waking up, or rather staying on the operating table.

If we talk about other advantages of this process; scar tissue does not form, and the hole opened in the skin for application does not leave any traces. In addition, thanks to the possibility of re-injection, we can give a larger appearance to the breast or hip if desired.

There is no need to do anything other than avoiding heavy sports activities for 1 week after the application. Disadvantages such as placing a drain in the breast or hip tissue after surgery for bleeding control and wearing a long-term bandage are among the reasons why silicone is not preferred.

If we evaluate the permanence of this application; The clinical effect lasts up to five years, since the destruction process proceeds slowly enough. In the first 3 months after the application 20-30%rate of loss.

In addition to all these advantages of this application, although silicone has the advantage of a longer-lasting method, non-surgical breast and hip augmentation method is more preferred today due to its application under general anesthesia, scarring after the procedure, hospitalization, long post-operative recovery period, and sense of touch. has become available.

“Is every breast or hip suitable for this procedure” If we consider the question; It is a method used in the correction of developmental disorders, asymmetries, depressions from previous surgery, and especially in enlarging small breasts and hips.

Large and very sagging breasts and hips are not a preferred method for this application.
If we evaluate the security profile of this application; The use of this filler, which has been used in the world since 2004, has been authorized by the Ministry of Health in our country. In the literature studies related to this application, the gel has proven to be reliable. No carcinogenic effects or incompatibility properties of this gel have been detected. Any woman over the age of 18 can have this method applied to herself.

Since the hydrophilic gel used in the application is not applied to the mammary glands in the breast tissue, it does not affect lactation in case of pregnancy. In order to be able to perform the application, the breast should be evaluated with special imaging methods for the screening of suspicious masses for cancer before the application. Although the safety profile of this product is very good in case of active cancer or suspicious mass, it is not correct to use this application or any other alternative application.

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