Maintaining or regaining a youthful appearance has become an important issue for many people today. Today, there are many treatment approaches to combat the signs of skin aging. In the past, surgical methods were often used to correct sagging and wrinkled skin. In recent years, treatments called non-invasive, less damaging, painless, without side effects, and high comfort have been preferred. People want methods that they can return to their daily life immediately after the procedure. Exilis Elite Satin Face Lift provided with the system is an example of these. Developed to regain firmness and get rid of wrinkles on our skin, Satin Face Lift Application is performed with the only system that includes focused radiofrequency and ultrasound energy under the same title and stands out in terms of effectiveness. System FDA(American Food and Drug Administration)It is an approved system.
How Does It Affect?
It is the structures that we call collagen that gives firmness to our skin, and the decrease in collagen causes sagging and wrinkling in the skin. The focused thermal energy applied in the Satin Face Lift disrupts the triple-helical structure of the collagen fibers. Collagen fibers are affected by this applied heat and the dissolving process begins. These changes in the structure of collagen activate the cells we call fibroblasts and new collagen production begins. Eventually, the skin is filled with collagen again. The new collagen formed with the Satin Face Lift application provides a reduction in wrinkles, tightening and a more lively skin appearance. Thanks to this non-invasive system, permanent and noticeable results occur. Thanks to this system, neither high temperatures nor procedures requiring anesthesia due to excessive pain are required for collagen activation and new connective tissue formation.
What are the General Features of Satin Face Lift Application?
The most important difference of Satin Face Lift application from others is that it is applied together with a hybrid technology. focused RF Technologyand ultrasound It is the only application that can give simultaneously. Just Focused Ultrasoundsof the use of 65-70Cdegrees of heat both in a controlled manner. 42-45C It also keeps it homogeneously and allows it to penetrate under the skin more safely. It increases patient comfort and satisfaction by providing a more homogeneous energy distribution instead of one-session aggressive applications with high side effects. Being comfortable and safe, it can be used on cigarette marks around the lips, nasolabial area, middle of the forehead and most importantly around the eyes. The fact that homogeneous and safe energy can be applied even to the eyelid is a feature that will make a difference.
in america “wrinkle reduction system”This method, known as DA (American Health Organization) got its approval. Preferred by Hollywood Stars and celebrities Satin Face LiftIt has become a world-renowned practice.
How is the Application Made?
First of all, the patient is informed about the application and the mechanism of action of the system and his consent is obtained. Ultrasound gel is applied to the application area and adjustments are made according to the characteristics of the person and the area to be treated. Application time is average for the whole face 45 minutes while regional applications can be made. Eyelid and surrounding 10 minutesor to the neck area or décolleté 10 minutes applications can be made. In particular, if we specify the region, it can be safely applied to all areas that have lost skin elasticity and wrinkled, such as the mid face, cigarette lines on the upper lip, sagging or wrinkled neck, decollete and back of the hand. It is a completely painless and patient comfort method. The application requires knowledge of facial anatomy. The system also has a head that can create a Satin Effect on the body and makes regional thinning, shaping and tightening at the same time, and the Satin Effect on the body is seen in this way.
What does it feel like?
During the application, there is only the feeling of a hot apparatus circulating on the face. While a comforting warmth is felt in the face area, the heat is felt inside for a few more hours after the application is over. This shows the effectiveness of the process. After the application, the patient can continue his normal life and go to work.
Who can have a SATIN FACE LIFT with Exilis Elit? What should be considered?
It can be applied to anyone over the age of 18 who has lost its skin elasticity and does not want an invasive procedure that will hurt the skin and take a long time to heal. Anyone who has a fear of surgery, who has a fear of needles, and who wants a procedure without any surgical intervention can have it done.
Conditions that should not be done; This procedure, like any procedure, is considered inconvenient for cancer patients and those with a past, as well as those with a pacemaker and pregnant women.
In this system, which has no known side effects, very little redness and a slight heat effect can be felt on the face after the procedure. There are no restrictions after the procedure. Those who have the application can continue their daily activities.
The permanence of the results varies depending on the amount of activated collagen, the age of the patient and the skin. On the other hand, it is inevitable that the success rate for the system that uses two effective technologies at the same time will be higher than both systems.
The application has gained worldwide fame, especially in Europe and America, and has received various awards. You can see application videos, celebrity comments, and awards received by Satin Face Lift on the internet.

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