HIFU is a non-invasive (non-surgical) and advanced face lifting technology. light like other lasers
It is a technology that works with focused sound waves.

With the ceramic in the head of the HIFU device, the electrical energy is transformed into ultrasound energy and this generated
Ultrasound energy transforms into thermal energy at the maximum focusing point,
on the SMAS (the layer that produces collagen) without damaging the epidermis and subcutaneous layers.
creates a thermal coagulative (damaged) area. A heat of 60C is generated in this area. Skin and tissues sagging with this heat
rebuilt and removed. Thanks to the triggering of new collagen, the skin surface is renewed, wrinkles

It can be applied safely in every color and every skin type without side effects such as burning, blemishes (hyperpigmentation).
In this way, natural face lifting (stretching) is provided without the need for a recovery period.

with HIFU
One hundred
in the arm
In leg sagging
Breast recovery is possible.

Skin stretching time with ultrasound is 30-75 minutes depending on the application area. varies between
One of its important features is that it is a one-session application.
Any damage to the skin, bruising, etc. Since it does not occur, the person can return to his normal life after the application.
can return.
An acute improvement can be observed immediately after the application. The effect becomes more pronounced every day. Wound
If we consider the healing mechanism, the maximum effect occurs at the end of 3 months.
The positive effects continue for 1.5 years and decrease naturally over time. If the person wants to have it done again
If it is, the procedure can be repeated after 1-1.5 years.

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