HIFU is a High-intensity focused Ultrasound system. With the deep-acting heads of these devices, it activates collagen synthesis from fibroblasts by creating thermal coagulation in the dermis and SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) tissues in the face and neck. It can provide a safe and natural skin lifting and recovery in suitable patients who do not have excessive sagging or excessively weak skin. The superficial effect head is effective in removing superficial wrinkles on the skin. The HIFU technique we use can provide solutions for lifting, tightening and fat reduction in the specified areas.

  • The aesthetic version of HIFU devices is for face and body applications.

  • These devices feature stable output power and focused thermal coagulation for effective treatment.

  • With a wide variety of headgear options (effective on superficial and deep tissues), it provides face and neck lift and body shaping for suitable patients.

  • They provide the opportunity to treat the arms, inner and outer leg areas.

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