PBIOPLASMA (plasma energy = ionized atmospheric gas = 4th state of matter) is a completely wireless device without an electrical connection.

This device produces a thin arc towards the target tissue while ionizing the gases in the air.

The tip of the device generates an electrical arc at very high temperatures, and when the device comes to a certain distance from the skin surface, this arc ionizes the atmospheric gases and releases an explosion energy (plasma energy). The resulting energy sublimates the cells called keratinocytes in the uppermost layer of the skin (that is, when solid tissue is heated, it normally first turns into liquid and then gas, in sublimation, solid tissue becomes gaseous directly).

While the treated tissues sublimate, the transmission of unwanted heat to the surrounding tissues and the subcutaneous layer (subcutaneous fatty tissue) is prevented.

Thus, while atmospheric gases become ionized, the plasma energy that emerges remains only in the millimeter area seen by the device, and the surrounding tissues are not affected by this event.

The process is quite safe, as it reaches a depth of about 200-300 nanometers (one millionth of a millimeter) in the same spot.

It provides non-surgical, bloodless, seamless, scarless treatment.

It allows very good results in terms of aesthetics and cosmetics.

What non-surgical treatments can be performed with this device?

With this device, non-surgical eyelid aesthetics can be performed,

crow’s feet lines,

Acne and acne scars (scars),

White and yellow spots on the eyelids,

Cigarette lines above the lip (smokers line = barcode lines),

Various moles (only moles with absolutely no risk),

Abdominal stretching- Neck stretching,

freckle treatments,

Erase scars,

wart treatments,

Some tattoo removal, vaporization,

A wide variety of treatments, such as spot treatment, can be performed without surgery.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

In fact, the treatment is suitable for everyone, but it is not used for those who have active wounds or infections in the area to be treated and pregnant women.

What should be considered before the procedure?

Before the procedure, blood thinners, painkillers and alcohol should not be used for 1 week.

What do I encounter after BIOPLASM and how is it cared for?

BIOPLASM applied area:

It is normal to see swelling and edema around the treatment area (oedema solvent solution is recommended for edema, although it varies from person to person, resolution of this edema is 1-5 days).

The treatment area should be cleaned with neutral soap (ph:5.5) (Marseille soap if available) and should not be disinfected with any alcohol products.

Only products containing benzalkonium chloride should be preferred as disinfectants.

The resulting crusts should not be covered with any plaster or tape.

The tissue that turns into a crust by evaporation falls off in about 7 to 20 days. These crusts should not be removed by incision, they should be expected to fall off. No moisturizing cream should be applied to soften the area.

A thick block of liquid foundation should be applied to protect the area from sun or artificial light (including computers, uva light or home light). These liquid foundation sunscreens should be repeated every few hours from waking up in the morning until going to bed in the evening. Before going to bed, without rubbing with neutral soap, liquid foundation sunscreen should be wiped off, edema-solving wet dressing should be applied for 10 minutes, and then the recommended eye drops (only on the crusts) should be applied to bed.

After waking up in the morning, eye drops (only on the crusts) are applied after 10 minutes of medicated wet dressing, and after the skin absorbs the drops, liquid foundation sunscreen should be applied again until going to bed in the evening.

How many sessions are required to get results?

Depending on the procedure and the area, 1 to 3 sessions may be required.

What are the side effects?

Small crusts occur in the treated area.

The most common side effect on the eyelid is edema, the eyelids may be balloon-like (disappear in 1-5 days).

In non-eyelid applications, pinkness may occur for a few months.

Infection may occur if hygienic rules are not followed.

Is pain felt during the procedure?

Before the procedure, local anesthetic creams are kept under stretch for 30-40 minutes so that the feeling of pain is minimized.

How long does the process take?

After local anesthesia, the procedure takes approximately 10-45 minutes, depending on the size of the area.

How long is it effective after non-surgical eyelid aesthetics?

Although this period varies depending on personal factors (sleeping pattern, eating habits, smoking and alcohol consumption, frequent infections, medications, sun exposure, drinking less water), it is effective for 2-5 years.

Note: Non-surgical eyelid aesthetics; It is a new generation dermocosmetic application that gives good aesthetic and cosmetic results especially for people who do not want to have surgery, who are afraid of anesthesia, who have just begun to have drooping eyelids, or who have had reservations for many years due to previous reasons.

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