No woman has to lose her breast! Silicone prosthesis

In cases where the entire breast needs to be removed, a permanent silicone prosthesis can be placed in the same session. The breast tissue is removed by scraping the subcutaneous tissue while preserving as much skin as possible. Depending on the effect of the nipple, the nipple can be preserved or it can be removed as well. Afterwards, the anterior chest wall muscle (pectoralis muscle) and, if necessary, other muscles in that area are shaped appropriately and a pocket is made in which the prosthesis will be placed. A prosthesis is selected as close to the other breast as possible. Even if the volume can be matched, sometimes symmetry may not be achieved due to the changes (sagging, regional volume loss) of the other breast over time. In such a case, a disease-free breast can be shaped by discussing it beforehand. However, such an attempt is usually not necessary unless there is a very large symmetry disorder.

Sometimes the remaining space in breast conserving surgery may be too large and the cosmetic result may not be satisfactory. Recently, small prostheses have been produced for these cavities.

This surgery is easier than other restructuring surgeries. However, some experience is required and special care is required in terms of the risk of infection as a foreign body is inserted. The patient should be realistically informed about the results and, if possible, evaluation and comparison should be made with photographs of previous patients.

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