No woman has to lose her breast! Only muscle-fat-skin supported configuration

In patients who do not want or do not want a silicone prosthesis, pure parts of the body can be used for reconstruction. The easiest of these methods is to bring the lateral back muscle into the space with the skin on it without disturbing the vascular structure (Latissimus dorsi flap-LD flap). However, there is usually not enough volume. This method can be used for volume completion (mini LD flap) if a large area has been removed after partial breast surgery.

While silicone prosthesis support is generally required in the LD flap, tissue taken from the transversus abdominis muscle (TRAM) flap is easily sufficient. In the TRAM flap, the fat and skin on the anterior abdominal muscle layer are taken from the abdomen and replaced with the removed breast. While this gives the closest result to nature, it also includes the risk of deterioration and hernia in the abdomen, as well as the possibility of disruption of the circulation of the tissue taken. There are also various versions of this surgery.

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