New Year’s Advice

In minds and hearts, the New Year represents transformation, always bringing new hopes. An assessment is made after the outgoing year. ‘This year will be better. I will not make the mistakes I made in the past years. I will spend a year full of health, abundance and love.’ decisions are taken. Sometimes the coming year goes really well; sometimes the past itself seeks…

It’s our one year anniversary again. There is no doubt that the conscious steps we will take and the right choices we will make will make our lives better. For him, I will have a few suggestions to meet and live the new year better;

• First of all, let’s start the new year by removing the things and people that divide and steal our energy from our lives. There are and always will be people in our lives who demoralize us and alienate us from the things we want to do with their negative rhetoric. We are responsible for protecting ourselves as much as possible from the influence of these people. In the new year, let us focus on including people who support us and show a positive attitude in our lives.

In addition, getting rid of items that we have not used for a long time will make room for new energies in our minds and at home. We may not be aware of it, but they also take from our energy in their inert state. The first thing to do is to get rid of the excess. Let new and beneficial energies come.

• Then we say health. We know that if there is no health, nothing matters. A healthy diet is essential for our mental and physical health. If necessary, traveling with a nutritionist in the new year can help us settle our eating patterns. Sports and active life are indispensable for staying healthy. Let’s start a sports activity with the new year or increase our mobility in life as another goal.

• Try meditation in the new year for your mental and mental health. Meditation means quieting the mind, being in the moment, thus increasing our life energy, happiness and inner peace. There are many different techniques to achieve this. These techniques are available on the internet; as long as we are willing to implement it.

• In the New Year, we must clearly decide what we want in our living spaces, such as family, work, finance, health, relationships, hobby-entertainment, personal development, etc. If necessary, let’s note them down so that our request becomes concrete. ‘What do we need to achieve our goal? What steps should we take for this? Who can we get help from?’ etc…finding the answers to the questions will bring us closer to our goal with firm steps.

Deciding to implement these steps in these moments when we feel all the dynamism and freshness of the new year will bring about significant changes in our lives.

May all the light and wisdom be with us.

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