‘New Normal’ in the Coronavirus Process

We are going through a virus process that affects the world together. As we leave behind a three-month period of staying at home, with restrictions, limitations and curfews, we are again mixed into normal life with a definition we call the ‘new normal’.

Of course, it is normal for all of us to have some worries and concerns in this process. But we should not forget that there are expert opinions that say that we can carry out the process in a healthy way as long as we comply with the rules that must be followed. Without ignoring the fact that our anxieties affect us physically, we must follow the rules for our health and continue to live our normal lives.

In this process, we are actually reintroducing behaviors that are always present in our lives but perhaps we do not pay much attention to. In this new normal, we will continue on the road by paying attention to social distance, following the hygiene rules, knowing that we take the measures we take not only for ourselves but also for the health of the people around us. We are in a normal situation where we can get involved in normal life as long as we pay attention to wearing masks, washing our hands, not touching our face with our hands that we touch everywhere and social distance. Maybe these may seem like things that will make us feel as if we are limited compared to the past, but maybe we should keep all these things from here; These were the things that we didn’t realize in life, and they came back to us in a way… While paying attention to hygiene and social distance, maybe we should pay more attention to personal hygiene, to think about each other, to give importance to each other’s wishes and even to our borders, body integrity, etc. due to virus; maybe as it should always be… And maybe we are catching up on many points we lost thanks to this virus, we will, who knows…

Of course, it is normal for the process to cause anxiety up to a level, but I think that we can live the new normal in a normal way by looking at the way it brings to the process and by following the rules that must be followed.

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