New methods in lip aesthetics

Lips have a very important place in the appearance of the face. It is more effective than other facial organs. The lively, full, aesthetic appearance of the lips expresses youth and health. It gives meaning to many expressions. It has brilliance and sex appeal. It helps us present many expressions. The prominent shape of the lip in the middle and the ratio of the lower-upper lip thickness to each other is very good, indicating that there is no structural defect in the lip.

Usage areas

Lip aesthetics;
-Those with thin lips,
For those who want to have thick and full lips,
It is applied to those who want to have more lively and full lips.

The purpose of lip aesthetic operation is to thicken the lips and make their borders more prominent. In addition, in this operation, wrinkles are reduced and plumped. The basic rule to be considered is that the face does not lose its harmony and naturalness.

Lip aesthetic methods

Filling is usually the first choice in lip aesthetics. Liquid silicone and silicone oil are used in the filling. These are injected into the facial tissues. However, due to the negative effects of these substances, direct injection into the tissue is now prohibited.

Temporary fillers

Collagen filler: It is obtained from cowhide. However, after it was determined that it triggered mad cow disease and allergies, its usage area decreased considerably. It cannot be used without testing.

Hyaluronic Acid Filling: It is the most commonly used substance. It is a natural material that is also found in the structure of the skin. It gives the skin a healthy, lively and lively appearance. It can be applied safely without the need for testing. Hyaluronic acid, called Restylane and injected with a needle, is used to lift and define the lip edges.

Other solid fillings: These fillings are placed surgically, not with an injector. It is obtained from human skin. It is placed inside the lip through the incisions created around the lip. The disadvantage is that it can come out by piercing the lip. For this reason, it is not preferred.

Age padding: Fat cells taken from the person’s own body are injected into the lips or wrinkles if desired. If the application is repeated several times, an effective lip thickening can be achieved. It has no allergies or side effects.

skin cells : Subcutaneous tissue and fat cells taken from the person’s own body are mixed and injected into the lips in the form of a tissue cocktail. The placed cells may dissolve over time. So it must be repeated. There is no allergy risk and no side effects.

Lip plastic surgery : It is to thicken the lip by surgical operations without using fillers. The plastic surgeon determines the method according to the lip structure of the person and shares it with the patient. It is not temporary. Permanent and best results are obtained from this method.

Lip hanging: The sutures from the incision made through the nose are also passed through the lip and then tied. At this time, the lip is lifted upwards. It is a method used on lips drooping downwards.

Lip botox:The purpose of this method is to remove the lines on the lips or to turn the downward corners of the mouth upwards.

In the applications, ice or numbing cream is applied so that the patient does not feel pain. Or regional places are anesthetized.

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