New generation filling applications


The most important requirement of natural beauty is to maintain a healthy skin for years. Until I started the Face Filling application, the most common reservation I encountered; If my face swells, gets bigger, gets rounder…

Facial fillers support the skin, do not inflate or enlarge the face.

In face filling application, the most important thing is; where, how much and what is applied. The application requires a great deal of experience. In recent years, some of the images around you that you do not like are caused by not paying attention to these points in the application. After good applications, we can regain it to people who have lost the oval of the face over time.

Over time, the support both inside and under the skin disappears. The collagen in the skin decreases and the problem begins in the support inside the skin. Fat, muscle and bone structures under the skin also lose their strength and cannot support the skin. With new technologies, using different products at different depths, we can provide the support we want in that region, wherever the problem originates.

This gives us the following: By preserving its naturalness, we stop the aging of the skin.

If you destroy the supports of a building one by one over time, you will see breaks (lines) and collapses (voids) in another area every day. When these fractures and collapses are just starting, the worn supports should be strengthened. Thus, we preserve the shape of the building for many years without changing it. Filling materials are new reinforcements for our face.

The use of fillers for aesthetic purposes in the face area has been increasing and diversifying in recent years. Although there are many applications used for filling purposes, the most practical method is ready-made filling materials. The application of these applications in a short time without affecting the daily life of the person is the reason for preference due to the increase in safety with the studies carried out over time. One of the medical methods used to get rid of wrinkles and unwanted lines that develop with aging and to shape and shape the face is fillers. In this type of applications, fillers, which are essentially in the structure of the skin, decrease over time and are accepted naturally by the body, are injected.


Filling material applications are extremely practical. Applications take an average of 10-15 minutes. Before the application, local anesthetic cream is applied and waited for 20 minutes. It does not affect the person’s social life and going to work, it can be done even during the lunch break. It gives immediate results as soon as the procedure is done and there is no need to wait to see the result. There is no need for any special care after the application.


In the past, fillers were mostly used for lines extending from the nose to the sides of the lips, lines descending from the edges of the lips, mimic lines above the lip, deep acne and scars, lips, cheekbones and cheeks.

In addition to these areas, we frequently added the following areas to our filling application area: Under-eye, forehead, temple, nose, chin, hand, laptop, ear and earlobe, breast tissue, male and female genital area.

Our understanding of filling has improved with new technologies. We started to not only treat the lines, but also improve the anatomical structures.


Fillers with different properties have been produced from the past to the present day. Among them, the most reliable and widely used hyaluronic acid. In general, the permanence of the substances, the preservation of the natural expression of the face, being in harmony with the body and not causing an allergic reaction in the body are the main features to be considered.

Hyaluronic acid is an extremely safe product with FDA (USA) and CE (Europe) approvals and has no systemic side effects, except for minor redness related to injection. No allergic reaction is observed, no allergic test is required.

Hyaluronic acid is placed naturally in the tissue and allows free passage of important nutrients such as oxygen and hormones. As long as hyaluronic acid is in the body, a healthy skin is obtained. The water-binding capacity of hyaluronic acid is unmatched, and even when the molecules dissolve, it turns into water and leaves our body without any trace.



New generation hyaluronic acid has cross-linking feature with low molecular weight technology. In this way, a softer texture, naturalness and more permanence are provided by using more hyaluronic acid. It is possible to achieve a faster and longer-lasting effect by using less product. Another advantage of softer fillings is that we are starting to use finer needles.


With the addition of lidocaine (an anesthetic substance) to the fillings, the person’s comfort was ensured during and after the injection.


We usually recommend eyelid aesthetics to our patients, especially when the lower eye bags become prominent. But for those who cannot find time for this intervention, we now have an interim solution. We can support the space under the eye bags with our renewed fillings and reduce the clarity of these bags for a certain period of time.

We now have fillers that can be applied to these areas for discharges in the hands and breasts. With an easy application, we can stop aging on the hand and breast.


We also use a lot of new generation fillers, which increase the quality of the skin by giving moisture to the applied area.

Wishing you days full of beauty with your natural-looking and healthy-looking face…

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