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What is I Disregard?

Moles in the human body, whose development reason is not fully known, have different structures.

They are not usually congenital but appear over time and become visible.

Congenital ones usually don’t change in size and usually pose no risk. The size of those that appear over time is no more than 0.5 mm. Large nevi show many variations in shape, hairiness, and surface texture. The sun is effective in the later ones. There may be a risk of cancer.

They can be numerous in the body. Rapid growth, itching, color change, skin discoloration, bleeding and shape changes can be observed in nevi that develop later. In these changes, a doctor should be consulted. These changes are the changes that make cancer transformation noticeable. can be a sign of cancer.

Does Ignorance Cause Cancer?

There is a very wrong information in the society that after removal of the mole, it will turn into cancer because of a knife hit. ‘They cause cancer’

If people do not notice the above-mentioned changes in their nevus that occur over time, if they go to the doctor late, it may be too late for treatment. If the moles formed later are intervened in a timely manner, the mole removal process is performed, and if the moles are removed with a correct surgical procedure, the risk of cancer is eliminated.

Those that turn into cancer can be benign or malignant. After the operation, it is determined by the pathological results.

No part of me is left in the body while being taken. The piece taken is sent to pathology.

How is I Removed?

It is a surgical procedure. It is taken with local anesthesia. It takes 30 minutes. After the application, painkillers will be given as a prescription for control purposes. After some removal procedures, antibiotics are also prescribed. The treatment area should be protected from sunlight for the first week. Massage should not be done. You will be informed about what to do after the application.

After the application is completed, sutures are placed on the nevus area. It appears as a small dot. It looks like a pinhead, but does not attract attention. Sometimes it can be in nevi that cause a scar larger than a pinhead. However, the scar does not look like me, it does not attract attention.

Can I be removed with a laser?

Apart from surgical methods, laser mole removal procedures are also performed. Not every nevus can be removed with laser. Generally, it is preferred in the removal of skin lesions that look like spots. If there is no need for pathology, it is applied with a laser.

It is more accurate to remove moles and evaluate them as pathological. Do not be afraid of surgical procedures.

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