Negative mind blocks positive life

The period when we form mental skills such as understanding, learning, evaluating, problem solving, remembering and making decisions about the world is shaped in the first 3 years. Vital concepts learned in this period can carry their traces in human life for a lifetime. The beliefs we learn about life in the first years of life form the basis of the following years. Of course, change, transformation and learning continue throughout life for human beings, but everyone starts their life by looking at their parents from the perspective of their parents. Especially the mother’s perspective on life, who provides primary care for the child, is extremely important. That’s why female self-healing actually benefits her generation the most. It is a fact that only the mother’s well-being is not enough on its own, but it greatly affects it. You cannot teach your child to think positively if you have negative thoughts in your mind. You may have consciously or unconsciously burdened him with your own internal reckoning, unhappiness, and confusion. So what should be done to avoid this? We can start by healing ourselves first. While teaching the child about life, our goal should be to teach the outside world correctly, rather than creating a copy stuck in our own patterns. Neither offering too much rosy life nor scary life with harsh rules does not create a healthy mind. It has been observed that people who do not have a healthy mind in childhood have a lot of difficulties in the later periods of their lives. Your way of thinking, your perspective on your life, actually shapes the events you will encounter most of the time. Also the mind with negative thoughts will lead to inner restlessness. If you feel uneasy or have feelings that tire you, first focus on who this feeling belongs to. To your mother, father, brother, friend, aunt, aunt, etc. .. The mind absorbs the negative thoughts of others like a sponge absorbs water. Many negative emotions that you think are your own are actually wrong perspectives that have passed from your first environment or been taught to you. When you remove yourself from the influence of others, you gain your own perspective, then both you and your destiny begin to change and transform. Don’t let your mind rule you, manage it. When you achieve this, you can raise your child more self-confident, solution-oriented and happy. As parents, we are interested in more physical concepts such as the child’s height and weight, but the main issue is raising happy children. In this, we should give importance to mental-emotional development. Avoid poisoning the soul and childhood of children. Stay healthy..

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