While the microneedles in the device go down to 3.5 mm under the skin, they create the same thermal effect in the entire area they pass through, stimulating the skin surface and starting the natural healing process. Accordingly, cell growth factors in the upper layer of the skin are activated, making lifting, skin tone differences, stains and fine wrinkles treatment possible.

There are 3 separate programs for antiaging, acne scars and body. Therefore, it provides a wide range of treatment possibilities.

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  antiagingespecially in the 30-50 age range;

slowing skin sagging

Tightening large pores

Slowing down the formation of wrinkles on the neck and face

Improving the quality of the skin

Thanks to the micropores opened during the procedure, it is used to remove the moisture and color irregularity of the skin by delivering the serums (hyarulonic acid, DMEA, Salmon DNA…) that the skin needs under the skin.

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acne scars In treatment, it is usually applied together with PRP. More intense heat is given so that the scars rise towards the skin surface and shrink. With PRP serum, it is aimed for the tissue to renew itself again.

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Non-surgical body lift Needle radiofrequency helps us for the procedure. We also support body elasticity by triggering collagen tissue formation by using appropriate serums in the treatment of weight loss, rapid weight loss or cracks that occur during the growth period, and skin elasticity loss.

Since local anesthesia is applied before the procedure, the procedure is painless. After the application, redness and mild edema occur due to the heat applied to the skin, but it regresses within a few hours.

It does not require any special care after application. 3-4 sessions are applied at 1-month intervals. It has a permanence of 1 year.

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