Neck pain and neural therapy

The human neck is the most mobile part of the spine, which houses very important body structures such as the medulla spinalis, spinal nerves, carotid and vertebral arteries and functions as a support for the head.

This greater mobility of the neck also makes it more susceptible to blows and bruises.

Therefore, it takes the second place after the waist in the spine as a cause of pain.

Neck pain is an important problem that can be encountered in all age groups, reducing the quality of life and causing loss of work force.

The causes of neck pain can be examined in 3 main groups:
Mechanical causes originating from the musculoskeletal system
Feeling the pain in the neck region caused by diseases of the non-neck regions (reflected pain)
Inflammatory, infectious and tumoral diseases involving the neck region.

Various pathologies in the neck lie under many arm, shoulder and headache pains. For this reason, it is necessary to give importance to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by the neck.


Neck hernia

Neck hernia usually occurs on one side of the nerve roots where they leave the spinal canal. Pressure on the nerves causes pain, numbness and weakness in the muscle and skin part supported by special nerve roots.


It causes pain in the neck, shoulders and arms.

The pain can spread from the arm to the hand with the special distribution of the nerve root under pressure. If neck hernia compresses the spinal cord, gait problems, spasticity (increased muscle tone), urinary incontinence may occur.

Neck hernias are not the most common cause of neck pain. About 10-20% of pain in the neck region is caused by a herniated disc. If the pain radiates from the neck to the arm, loss of muscle strength has begun, and if there is numbness in the fingers, it is definitely a cervical hernia.

Neck Calcification

It is a clinical picture that occurs as a result of the degeneration of the structures (bone, ligament, muscle) that make up the cervical spine and includes the related nerve and vascular disorders.

The causes are thought to be aging, microtraumas, macrotraumas, postural disorders and genetic factors.

It can cause complaints such as neck pain, pain spreading to the arm, headache, neck stiffness, weakness in the arm – numbness – burning – stinging, weakness in the hands – decreased dexterity – numbness – tingling, tinnitus, dizziness and blurred vision.

Cervical Strain

It is a picture that develops as a result of trauma and posture disorder and is characterized by neck stiffness and local pain.

As with those who work at a desk, reasons such as keeping the neck in the same position for a long time, watching television while lying down, unsuitable pillows and lying on the bed can cause neck strain.

Since muscle contraction will develop, the normal curvature of the neck decreases, neck movements become painful and limited.

Rheumatic Diseases

It occurs when the body’s own immune system fights its own cartilage and bone cells. Spine, bone and cartilage

tissue damage occurs. Diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, spondylitis, permanent limitation of neck movements

it does.

Repetitive stresses, lung and heart diseases, esophageal inflammation and stomach ailments also cause neck pain.

Conservative treatment should be the primary treatment for patients with neck pain.

In patients with neck pain, after finding the main cause of the disease, together or separately with Physiotherapy; Neural therapy can be applied.

Especially these treatments are a treatment option for patients who do not improve with physical therapy.

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