Neck Masses

We divide the masses in the neck into benign and malignant masses.
Selim formations:
congenital (such as triglossal, branchial cyst, lymphangioma)
Inflammation of lymph nodes due to infection ( tbc, aids, toxo, infectious mononucleosis, cat scratch, severe tonsillitis, skin infection, aphtha etc.)

The neck is very rich in lymph. It drains into different groups of lymph nodes in the lips, face, salivary glands, tongue, larynx and its parts, pharynx, tonsils, nasal region and nose neck.
Neck lymph groups are divided into superficial and deep, and anterior, middle and posterior neck groups. In any infection, the lymph nodes belonging to that region first enlarge and appear as a mass in the neck. After diagnosing the lymph node, the primary lesion that caused it to enlarge is sought.

Malignant formations:
1. Metastatic neck masses: lymph node enlargements in the neck may not always be due to infection.!!!!!!! The first place where head and neck cancers metastasize is the lymph nodes in the neck.!!!!!

It is necessary to carefully evaluate lymph node enlargements that do not shrink, grow gradually, and are more than 1.5 cm in size on CT or MRI. A complete ENT examination should be performed and the primary tumor should be investigated.

Hogkin or non-Hogkin lymphomas; Many lymph node enlargements that do not have a primary focus in the neck should be considered.

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