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Aging is a natural process. Today, the prolongation of human lifespan brings with it the desire to live healthy and well and not to age. People who enjoy life, love themselves and take part in an active social life do not like to see the signs of aging brought on by time, because the soul does not age. A wrinkled and loose dress, that is, loose and sagging skin on a young soul, does not look appropriate at all, we become alienated from ourselves. This is where plastic surgery comes into play. Happier and more enjoyable images are created with applications for lines on the face, deterioration in skin quality, skin abundance and volume losses.

The signs of aging appear in different ways from person to person. The effects of aging may be more pronounced and uncomfortable on some parts of the face. The neck region is also a region that sometimes causes complaints in young people and reveals aging at least as much as the face region.

Gravity is the most important cause of sagging on our face. Due to genetic factors or excessive weight gain, loosening occurs in our skin over time. These relaxations in the skin result in downward displacement of the lines in the forehead and midface region. In the lower face and neck region, the abundance of skin causes the face shape to deteriorate, we call this ‘distortion of the face oval’. The angle between the chin and the neck flattens, causing the person to look older, especially in profile. Fat deposits that we call ‘jowl’ under the chin may also accompany this.

Fat deposits on the neck can be removed by liposuction (vacuum fat removal) in cases where the skin is tight and the patient is young. Patient selection and the surgeon’s experience are very important in this regard, because the neck skin is thinner than the facial skin and is very susceptible to sagging when the fat is drained. According to my personal experience, men are more fortunate in this regard, because their skin is thicker than female patients and they tolerate liposuction better. Even if they are young, patients with a large amount of adipose tissue under the chin are candidates for neck lift surgery in the same session to remove excess skin after liposuction. should be considered as

Neck lift surgery is usually performed as a continuation of face lift surgery. Sometimes the problem on the face is only the lower face, in this case, only neck lift is planned. If skin sagging has occurred in the lower face and neck area, it is imperative to remove the excess skin for a successful result.

Ideal candidates for this surgery are people whose face and neck skin has started to sag, but whose skin has not yet lost its elasticity, and who have no other health problems. This surgery is usually applied to men and women over the age of 40. However, due to structural and genetic reasons, this type of surgery can be performed in full or in a limited manner at earlier ages. During neck lift surgery, nose and eyelid aesthetics, forehead correction, eyebrow lifting operations can also be added to make the face look more beautiful and younger.

Neck lift surgery is one of the aesthetic surgeries where scars can be best hidden, provided that good planning is done. In my personal technique, I do not prefer incision marks passing in front of the ear. I start the incisions in the direction of the external ear canal facing the inside, and go just behind the ear around the earlobe, so that it is possible to hide the traces even in the first days. In order to ensure that the neck lift surgery is effective and the results are durable, I shape the loosened muscles and fascia of the neck under the skin with thin suspenders behind the ear, that is, a kind of corset is applied to the neck. Afterwards, the skin is removed and the skin is closed with absorbable sutures, thanks to these, no stitches are required. A drain is placed behind the ear to be removed the next day.

If the bands starting from under the chin and going down are prominent on the neck, then these bands are loosened with a 2-3 cm incision made just below the tip of the chin. is provided,

It is necessary to limit the use of smoking, aspirin and vitamin E for 10 days before the surgery. The operation is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation under hospital conditions. Post-operative pain is minimal, some patients feel slight tension. The special bandage-corset, which is dressed after the surgery, should be used until the control after 4-5 days. Since the drains will be removed the next day, it is appropriate to stay in the hospital for 1 night. It is possible to return to work and social life 1 week after neck lift surgery.

The result of the surgery and the durability of the result depend on the technique applied. In general, the result of operations where only the skin is stretched is far from natural. It is possible to argue that the ‘corset platysmaplasty’ technique that I applied is superior in terms of aesthetics and is effective for at least 10 years, sometimes for a lifetime, depending on the skin quality of the patient. The experience and aesthetic tastes of your doctor who will perform this surgery are important in determining the result. A successful neck lift will give you a happier and younger expression.

However, it should not be forgotten that it is not possible to turn back time completely, but it is possible to achieve very happy results with the rightly chosen interventions made to the necessary areas with today’s modern techniques.

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