The face is anatomically divided into three different regions. It includes the upper face, temple area, forehead and eyebrows.

The intervention applied to the area is the upper face lift procedure. Mid face, cheek and upper lip area

The intervention applied to this area is the mid-face lift procedure. Lower face, chin and neck

region, the intervention applied to this region is the lower face or neck lift procedure. Each

Surgical intervention can be applied to the area individually or in combination. Neck lift is usually

It is applied together with the mid-face lift procedure. Surgical incision made in neck lift

extended from the back of the ear to the scalp. By releasing the neck skin and muscles

hangs upwards. The sagging and wrinkles on the neck are removed, the chin angle becomes clear, tense

a neck appearance is given. Since the incision is behind the ear, when viewed from the outside,

no visible trace remains. Neck lift surgery is usually a part of face lift surgery.

is part of it. But it can also be done alone if necessary. Operation according to the situation on the neck

is directed. Stretching is performed behind the ear for folds and wrinkles. If you have fatty food

If there is, Liposelection is performed or the fat can be removed with an incision made under the chin.

Loose neck tissues can be stretched by cutting and shortening the tension bands. Operation general or

sedation is administered with anesthesia.

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