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Due to our modern lifestyle, the incidence of neck hernia is increasing. As the time spent looking at smartphones and computer screens increases, there is a significant increase in neck pain complaints. In addition, when risk factors such as sitting in the same or even the wrong position all the time while working at a desk come into play, our spinal health is affected more than once by our lifestyle.

In general, neck hernia occurs as a result of keeping our neck in the same or wrong way for a long time and can reduce our quality of life. In order to overcome the complaints we experience due to neck hernia symptoms, we need to adjust the position of our neck as properly as possible. Since we spend almost a third of our day asleep, it is important to keep our neck in the most comfortable position during this time. Therefore, using a neck hernia pillow can contribute to reducing the problems caused by neck hernia.

Dear patients, in this article, I will talk about what the neck hernia pillow does. However, first of all, I would like to briefly talk about the formation of neck hernia, which is our main problem, as usual.

What is Neck Hernia?

Characterized by the loss of cartilage between the vertebrae in the neck and their displacement towards the spinal canal, cervical hernia causes the discs to press on the nerves extending to the spinal cord and arms. Damage to the discs between the neck vertebrae due to different reasons such as sitting in the same position for a long time, posture disorders, lifting weights, genetic factors, sudden and reverse movements lead to the formation of neck hernia.

  • muscle spasm,

  • Pain in the nape area,

  • Restriction in neck movements,

  • Pain in the arms and even in the back and chest area,

  • Numbness in hands and arms

  • Weakness in arms and hands

  • Symptoms such as aggravated pain during sleep are among the most common symptoms of neck hernia.

My dear patients, the causes of neck pain, back pain or headache cannot be reduced to the formation of neck hernia alone. Please note that there can be various reasons that trigger these pains.

If you are experiencing neck hernia symptoms, you should definitely contact health services and have your diagnosis made. Different methods can be applied within the scope of neck hernia treatment and your quality of life can be improved. As with all the health problems you neglect, if you have a neck hernia problem and do not receive appropriate treatment, your complaints may become more severe.

Neck hernia pillow can be recommended to alleviate the symptoms of patients with neck hernia or neck flattening and to support neck muscles. Now, I would like to give you some information about the use of neck hernia pillow.


Use of Neck Hernia Pillow is Important

Dear patients, let’s face it; Neck hernia is a disease that can seriously reduce your quality of life. I know very well that you have different complaints during the day and sleep at night. For this reason, I can say that it is beneficial to use a cervical disc pillow at night. These orthopedic pillows are special pillows that are produced in accordance with your anatomical structure so that your neck remains in a more comfortable position.

The height of the pillow you use should be ideal in order to relax your neck area and reduce your feeling of pain while sleeping. Pillows that are too low or too high will increase your complaints. Unsuitable pillows can accelerate the degeneration of your bones and muscles. In a recent study, it was revealed that the pressure on the vessels in the head and neck region of people who sleep on very low pillows increases and the risk of eye pressure increases in these people.


For this reason, I recommend that you make the comfort of your neck area one of the biggest priorities in your life. In this way, you can preserve the natural curve of your spine and prevent damage to the discs between the vertebrae. Thanks to the neck hernia pillows that correct your posture disorders during sleep, it does not only reduce your neck hernia complaints; At the same time, you can reduce the risk of problems such as cervical vertebra and lumbar disc herniation due to poor posture.

If you encounter health problems such as the diagnosis of neck hernia or flattening in your neck region, it would be right to consult experts and get information about the neck hernia pillow.

Important: In addition to a quality and efficient sleep, you should use an orthopedic pillow to protect the natural curvature of your spine. Please do not wait for your health to deteriorate for the right pillow selection. Love.

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