Natural Treatment for Sexual Impotence

Sexual impotence due to erectile dysfunction occurs in up to 70% of men over the age of 50.
reported to be frequent. Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and its cause
Risks such as diabetes, hypertension, high blood fats, smoking, which are known to cause
factors also cause curing defect. In addition, in the above-mentioned diseases
Many of the drugs used also cause erectile dysfunction and sexual impotence.
On the other hand, temporary effective drugs used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction today,
It has drawbacks in heart patients and those who use some heart medications. Some of these drugs
cause serious adverse events and even sudden death. Prosthetic-like aids are natural.
is far from being

Natural Bypass treatment with EECP is very useful in sexual impotence due to erectile dysfunction.
it is a treatment. This treatment, which is also defined as “Rhythmic Massage Therapy”, lies on the back.
wide bandages around the calves, thighs and buttocks of the patient,
It is applied by automatically adjusting its swelling and discharge. So that your body
Rhythmic massage, which is a deep muscle massage, is performed below. 35 hours in total from one to two hours a day
When applied hourly, it has a vasodilating and blood-boosting effect in all organs.
has. With this effect, hardening due to vascular stenosis, which is seen in men in advanced ages,
improvement is achieved.

Many of our patients we treat for coronary heart disease have sexual intercourse as a side benefit.
indicate that their power has increased. In addition, in studies published on this subject, EECP
Long-term improvement in sexual impotence at the end of Natural Bypass Treatment
is reported.

Considering all this information above, there is no risk and side effect in case of hardening.
EECP and Natural Bypass treatment, which has no effect and provides a natural healing,
It is understood that applying it before the treatments is a rational approach.

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