Natural appearance in rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the most commonly performed surgery for both men and women today. Since it starts to be performed after the age of 18, it is performed at almost any age at maturity.

As the experience in nose surgery increases, the results become more successful and the demand for this surgery is increasing. The reason that brings the person (patient) to the doctor may not only be a defect in the appearance of the nose, but also deviation (bone curvature) and turbinate hypertrophy (size of soft structures in the nose), which cause breathing problems in the nose, may be present. The main causes of nasal structure disorder are past accidents, falls, Although there may be bumps, the shape of the nose is mostly structural and the patients have no history of accident-like events.

When planning nose surgery, it should be considered for both functional and aesthetic (cosmetic) purposes, that is, both the breathing problem should be eliminated and the nose shape should be made desired. In this way, various advantages are provided by performing the two processes together. With the opening of the nasal airway, the patient’s mouth breathing is eliminated, if there is snoring, it usually improves and the first cause of sinusitis is eliminated.

The facial structure of the person considering rhinoplasty should be evaluated first. A new nose structure should be created by taking into account the features of the areas that make up the face, such as the forehead structure, protrusion of the cheekbones, the length of the chin, and the width of the face. It is obvious that the same nose structure will not be suitable for every face, similarly, it should be known that the nose structure obtained from pictures and magazines may not suit the patient’s face or it may not be possible for every patient to create this shape.

The newly formed nose shape after rhinoplasty should both have a natural appearance and suit the person’s face, and it should not be understood that he had undergone plastic surgery. So many of my patients say that their not very close friends do not understand that he has undergone surgery, which is a pleasant situation.

There are two generally preferred methods in rhinoplasty, these are briefly expressed as ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’ methods. In the closed method, since all the surgery is done through the nose, there is no trace of surgery on the skin.

Nasal surgery patients are usually kept in the hospital for one day, and many of my patients go home the same day. The biggest fear that patients face is that tampons placed in the nose will cause pain, but some of my patients do not need tampons at all, and this fear is in vain as I prefer new generation non-stick silicone tampons for patients who need tampons. After the nose surgery, plastic (instead of plaster) shapers are used on the back of the nose for a week or so. Swelling and bruises that may occur around the eyes disappear within a week. Therefore, my rhinoplasty patients can work after one week.

Along with rhinoplasty, chin augmentation or reduction surgery can be performed in order to evaluate the size or smallness of the chin and to ensure their proportion. In this way, a more proportional facial structure is provided.

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