Natural and Better Breathing Noses

Nose aesthetics, namely Rhinoplasty, has developed quite a bit over time.

With the advanced surgical methods used today, nose surgeries are now a thing of the past.

It takes much less time, heals easily, and breathes better. Nose

It is very sensitive on both shape and breathing function.

an organ to work with. That’s why in rhinoplasty, millimeter by millimeter

It is very important to be able to dominate every point by working.

In the past, noses were considerably reduced in Rhinoplasty surgeries. If today

The demand for nature has certainly increased. Many people who no longer “seem to be operated on”

we are working on more natural noses. Noses don’t get smaller, just face

it is brought into the best shape that will go to its shape. In this way, the surgeon and the patient

Collaborative decision making is very important. The patient is very good at what kind of nose he wants.

will express, the surgeon will evaluate whether this request is possible or not, to the patient.

will provide detailed information. Patients who come with someone else’s nose photo

may experience disappointment. Because the nose is a whole with the face. your chin

the curvature of the cheeks, the width of the forehead, the structure of the eyes, the shape of the nose directly

as affects. That’s why the nose is personal. Oftentimes the characters

It can even be important for the shape of the nose. With the nose shape, the face is softer or

It is possible to give a more authoritative expression.

With rhinoplasty, not only for appearance, but because it affects the quality of breathing.

It is a very important operation. Long-term breathing problem

people can breathe better into their lives after about 2 hours of operation.

can continue to take.

After rhinoplasty, the patient has silicone pads in the nose and nasal

He comes out of surgery with a tiny cast on top. Since general anesthesia was taken, the first

We recommend that they get through the day more comfortably by staying in the hospital. First

Ice is applied at regular intervals for two days. During the hospital stay

The cold mask applied is effective in alleviating edema and bruises.

Edema and bruises increase with increasing momentum in the first two days, after the second day

gradually disappears. Silicone pads in the nose recovery period

It helps the patient to breathe better. These bumpers

It is quite easy to remove. Takes only a few minutes in the examination environment

It is removed very briefly and easily by pulling through the nostrils.

The middle part of the sunglasses is the nose after rhinoplasty operations.

As it sits on the bone, it can leave a mark on the reshaped nasal bridge. This

Therefore, our patients wear glasses for up to 3 months after rhinoplasty.

We want them not to.

Rhinoplasty is a lifelong procedure. That’s why you must trust and

It should be done with a surgeon that you get answers to your questions, time over the surgery

However, checks should not be neglected.

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