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In aesthetic surgeries, the body structure of the person changes permanently. In this case, who decides the change to be made in the body?

Is this subject only at the request of the patient or only with the guidance of the doctor? In fact, the person who is more knowledgeable than the patient on this subject is undoubtedly the Aesthetic Surgeon. However, it would be unfair for the patient to expect the doctor to decide on his own for the change in the patient’s body. Moreover, considering that different surgeons may have different perspectives and tastes, this situation leads us to an inextricable point.

In this case, the best remedy for the patient and the doctor is to base on the criteria of aesthetics and beauty that have been agreed upon for centuries.

Beauty, in its shortest definition, is the combination of harmony, proportion and clarity.

Although the concept of beauty has changed according to fashion over the centuries, these 3 basic elements have never changed.
The exaggerated results of plastic surgery that we see around us or in the media create a negative judgment against plastic surgery in some people, while in others it creates a false impression that the result of plastic surgery should be like this.

In our clinic, when deciding on the outcome of an aesthetic surgery, the patient’s expectations are taken into account, and the most suitable result for the body or face is planned, accompanied by aesthetic criteria. In some cases, the possible outcome of the surgery is simulated with the help of a computer, and the patient’s appearance at the end of the surgery is shown. This situation also facilitates the work of the doctor and the patient, as it realizes the expectations and the result to be obtained more.

The best plastic surgery is one that looks good but is not obvious.

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