Nasal Meat in Children

Sleeping with an open mouth, snoring, turning in bed a lot, restless sleep, sweating in the head area, intermittent and especially increased bad breath in the morning, prolonged and frequently recurring upper respiratory tract infections should suggest adenoid.

What are the consequences of not taking adenoids on time?

Hearing loss as a result of the upper jaw moving forward and the lower jaw back, orthodontic problems that are long and difficult to treat in the mouth, teeth and jaw structure, difficulty in concentration, deterioration in the release of certain hormones from the brain that provide the repair of the body due to night REM sleep disruption, distraction and regression in academic achievement, The dull gaze and mask facial expression that occurs with the deterioration of the face ratio over time, the drowsy look of the upper eyelid falling down, the formation of a tired facial expression, which is called ‘nasal face’ and is very typical.

Is there an age limit for adenoid surgery?

There is no medically determined age limit for adenoid surgery.

Does the nasal flesh shrink over time?

Theoretically, yes, after the age of ten, there may be a decrease in the volume, but many cases will leave permanent damage to the body that cannot be treated until that age. For example; permanent mouth and jaw problems, perforation of the eardrum and permanent hearing loss, distraction and related academic failure, permanent loss of concentration.

About adenoid surgery;

The operation takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes under general anesthesia, soft feeding is started from the third hour after the operation and the discharge process is performed. The entire process is almost completely painless. As a precaution against infection, children are not sent to school for five days.

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