Nasal Congestion

The nose is one of the most important organs for human health. A healthy respiratory function and a healthy body
It is essential to breathe through the nose. The nose is not just an organ where air enters and exits. Your nose
In addition to the breathing function, humidification of the air, heating, smell and taste
functions and ventilation of the middle ear. It is also effective in the resonance of the sound. nasal congestion
When it is long term, other health problems will surely follow. Briefly, nasal congestion
Not only does it impair the quality of life, it also impairs health if not intervened in time.

Nasal congestion is one of the most common complaints. With a partition wall in the nose and two full
divided into sections. Eighty out of every hundred people breathe at the same rate from both nasal chambers at the same time.
can’t. This is a normal physiological phenomenon. In the nose, called ‘Konka’ (Nose meats), swelling with blood flow and
There are descending structures. These swell and descend alternately, this is called the ‘Nasal cycle’. People generally
they don’t realize it.

Nasal congestion, sleeping with your mouth open at night, not being able to sleep soundly, frequent dry mouth, getting up at night
occasional drinking of water, waking up in the morning not rested and tired, sometimes waking up with a headache, irritability, daytime
fatigue, inability to concentrate- lack of concentration, tendency to sleep during the day, recurrent
throat infections can cause chronic pharyngitis.

There are four main causes of nasal congestion. These are the same as they can cause nasal congestion on their own.
They can also coexist in humans.

1 – Infections: Every normal person gets colds and flu two or three times a year. This number is higher in children.
more (4 to 8 times). As age progresses and body defense improves, the frequency of infection decreases. simple cold
The common cold can be caused by many viruses. Most are caused by the transmission of the microbe from hand to nose.
part passes through the air. After the virus settles in the nose, there is swelling in the tissue lining the nose, discharge
darkens and nasal congestion develops.

In this case, there is no other choice but to wait for the event to pass by itself. only auxiliary nose
drugs that dilute the runny nose can be used. But because the cold weakens one’s resistance,
followed by a period of bacterial, antibiotic needed, febrile, yellow, green nasal discharge. This
In this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

In acute sinus infections, nasal congestion and dark nasal discharge occur. According to the location of the inflamed sinus,
Pain and tenderness may be felt on the cheek, upper teeth, behind or between the eyes, and on the forehead.

In chronic sinus infections, there is often nasal congestion, nasal and postnasal drip. Here from the pain
a feeling of pressure is seen mostly on the face. Infection progresses to the lungs, causing chronic cough, bronchitis, and asthma.
can create. Acute sinusitis usually heals with antibiotics, chronic sinusitis requires an operation.

2- Structural reasons: It was mentioned that there is a wall that divides the inside of the nose into two. need this wall
curvature of the septum (deviation of the septum), as well as the external curvature of the nasal structure, one or more
on both sides, it can reduce the air passage. These curvatures are mostly congenital – genetic or in childhood
A blow or a subsequent blow is related to an accident.

Studies have shown that one out of every ten children has a significant damage to the nose during birth.
is occurring.

In addition, the structures called ‘concha’, which swell and descend in turn in the nose, can be seen in different diseases for long-term or
They can cause nasal congestion by constantly swelling or deteriorating (Concha hypertrophy). This
conditions, besides nasal congestion, by affecting the direction of the nasal discharge, the long duration of the diseases
or they may become permanent. This is one of the causes of chronic sinusitis.

Nasal roof narrowing (Nasal Valve stenosis) is another cause of congestion.

In some people, widespread polyps (grape-like growths) in the nose, sinus or mouth
It can cause significant nasal congestion, as well as a decrease in smell, even
It can trigger asthma.

The treatment of these mechanical events is surgery. With operations performed inside the nose, this curvature is corrected.

The large adenoids, which are frequently seen in children, also cause nasal congestion. adenoid,
It has the same structure as tonsils and is located behind the child’s nose. If this texture is
If the nasal structure of the child is large or narrow and small, the adenoid can block the back of the nose and open the airway.
turns it off. In infections, the nasal flesh swells just like tonsils, blocking the child’s nose, and breathing through the mouth.
leads to it. Mouth breathing can cause snoring, troubled and sweaty sleep, tooth decay,
It causes the deformity of the mouth and jaw structure. If the cause of nasal congestion in a child is adenoid
and if this blockage has become permanent or has caused ear problems for the child, it should be removed.
must. The operation is performed through the mouth, in the operating room.

Nasal tumors and foreign bodies in the nose are also counted in this category. Children noses, chickpeas,
They can sting objects such as peas, seeds, toys, buttons, needles. Unilateral, foul-smelling discharge
aspects need attention. It should be shown to an ear, nose and throat specialist.

3-Allergy: Allergy is the body’s reaction to foreign objects more than normal. nose, allergic
It is one of the most important organs where complaints arise. The person is exposed to substances to which he is allergic.
Time, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, nasal itching, such as many discomforts occur. Allergic
substances can be in a very wide range, from food. The most effective treatment for this ailment
Avoidance of the substance to which you are allergic. But this is sometimes not possible. In such cases, the drug and
Vaccines are treatment options.

‘Antihistamines’, ‘decongestant’ drugs that prevent swelling in the nose and cortisones are used. in pregnant women,
In all these drug uses, the physician should be consulted.

While using decongestant drugs, the person’s high blood pressure, eye pressure, irregular heartbeat, urine
It should be noted that there is no difficulty in doing it.

Cortisone is used as a nasal spray, orally or as an injection. Different side effects
How to use these drugs, which are drugs, are described in detail by the physicians and those who use them must
should be under regular medical supervision.

If allergy vaccines are administered appropriately and regularly, successful results can be obtained in some patients.

Allergic patients get sinusitis more often. This ailment is also treated appropriately.

4- Vasomotor Rhinitis: ‘rhinitis’, swelling of the nose and the tissue lining it, medical treatment given to increase the discharge
is the name. Inside the nose, which contains very rich vascular structures and swells and descends throughout the day.
There are structures called ‘concha’ that regulate breathing. Among the people, these are called ‘nose meat’. Both
There are three on each side of the nose. In cases of allergies and infections, they swell with blood and the nose
cause congestion.

Even in people who do not have an allergic structure and do not have an infection, volatile
gas as paint, cigarettes, chemicals (such as gasoline), in cold weather, air pollution, perfume
effect and curvature of the nasal wall, psychological stresses, insufficient thyroid gland function,
nose in pregnancy, excessive or prolonged use of some blood pressure medications, nasal drops
congestion occurs. Depending on the cause, drug and surgical treatment options are available.

In the early stages of the disorder, nasal congestion is temporary and reversible. So, cause congestion.
If the discomfort is corrected, the situation will improve. However, this condition is enough to impair the elasticity of the vessels.
it may take a long time. These structures are like the veins in varicose veins. They swell when lying on their back, which side of the person is
if he lies on it, that side’s nose will be blocked.

Congestion often disrupts sleep. Therefore, patients prefer to sleep high on several pillows.
they do. The operation provides a certain comfort for a long time.

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