Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion is a condition that is much more common than nosebleeds, affects more individuals for a longer period of time, and is nevertheless neglected.

Yes, think about it. How many people around you sleep with their mouths open? You? your child? And, how many of them sought a solution because of this?

However, if I were to count the causes of nasal congestion, I would have to write at length. After all, dry mouth, sleeping undisturbed at night is not enough?

I am not talking about the temporary stuff of nasal congestion. When you have a cold, it is normal for a person to have a blocked nose for a few days. Then his nose will be opened and his nose breathing will return to the old way. What I ask of my patients is that they can indicate how many days of the year their noses are stuffy. A total of 10-15 days of blockage per year is not considered to be chronic nasal congestion.

Deviation (curvature of the middle part of the nose), enlargement of the nasal concha and enlargement of the adenoids in young children are the leading causes of chronic nasal congestion. These conditions are very easy to diagnose and equally easy to treat.

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