Napoleon syndrome

There have been people around you who are shorter than normal in stature and act angry all the time. It is scientifically proven that some people are shorter than normal, making them aggressive. The person with this syndrome, called Napoleon syndrome, feels humiliated because he sees his short stature as a deficiency for himself. In order to get rid of this inferiority complex, he acts angry and aggressive towards those around him by applying defense mechanisms. Height has now become an obsession for the person. He has the complex for his height.

Napoleon syndrome, which is named after the French statesman Napoleon Bonaparte, who was short in stature and had an aggressive personality, can also be experienced in other problems that the person can humiliate himself physically, such as obesity. People with this syndrome may behave violently and aggressively with their own inferiority complex. If the person has this syndrome due to his existing physical condition, he should definitely get psychological support. Napoleon syndrome is a syndrome that can cause many problems both in one’s own life and in the lives of those around him.

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