Name Hidden Suicide: Anorexia

Nutritional behavior is much more than just meeting nutritional needs. Healthy eating behavior plays an important role in establishing a verbal and non-verbal relationship between mother and baby. Breast, that is, nutrition, is the first moment when the mother and child establish a bond and are in a dialogue. This most precious and vitally important behavior is rejected when something goes wrong somewhere. To refuse to feed is to slowly let yourself die.

When you first hear the words like “media” and “model pretension”, anorexia is more than that, it is cutting one’s own lifeblood. Anorexia is something different from starting a diet every Monday and eating crazy in the middle of the week, calculating calories, and removing sugar from life. When you look in the mirror, it is seeing yourself fat even if your bones are counted. Anorexia is a whirlpool that reflects from body perception to all body functions.

Anorexia nervosa was defined by William W. Gull in 1873 to match the meaning of “nervous loss of appetite”. The appetite experience is quite varied in anorexia nervosa patients, and it would be more appropriate to think of it generally as a refusal to eat. The patient with anorexia nervosa controls his body excessively, creating a sense of halting time and development, establishing a distorted perception of autonomy and effectiveness. The fear of not being able to stop and losing control when you start eating is one of the basic vicious circles of anorexia.

Anorexia nervosa is a disorder that is much more complex than a strict diet. There are traces of serious developmental disorders in their origins. Usually, this occurs during times of developmental crisis, often during the adolescent’s self-sufficient, independent period.

Unlike those on a normal diet, those with the onset of anorexia never openly express their desire to lose weight. In great secrecy, they may even cut off feeding completely, with an easily developing altruism. Sometimes slowly, sometimes at great speed, everything is organized around food. Calories are calculated, “meals” are eaten at certain times, with certain habits, in limited quantities, and the absence of mouth-watering foods is not a bother. In fact, they spend most of their time poking their noses into other people’s food. These are rituals that are compatible with the eating disorder and become the main daily preoccupations of the anorexic person. It is a flood of life that cannot gush, cannot find a way, is blocked, paralyzed by fear. Fear of taking on life with the will to live is a tough challenge that requires a lot of patience, support and personal appreciation.

There are many treatments for anorexia. An internal medicine specialist should be sought for vitamins and basic functions that the body lost, a psychiatrist for drug support, and a psychologist for psychological treatment. It should not be forgotten that anorexia is a symptom, a message given by the unconscious. Whether or not you reply to this message is up to you.

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