Nail Biting Behavior Doesn’t Neglect

exp. Cl. Ps. Nermin Erdoğan says that nail biting behavior, which is frequently seen in children, is an important disease that should not be ignored. exp. Cl. Ps. Nermin Erdogan talks about ways to get rid of nail biting disease.

Nail biting, which is seen in children and sometimes even in adults, is defined as an impulse control disorder. Adults and children often have a tendency to bite their nails in times of stress.

exp. Cl. Ps. Nermin Erdoğan points out that the source of this situation can be many problems such as trauma, inability to adapt to changes, fear, abuse, worthlessness, insecurity, and family conflicts. Underlining that nail biting is a condition that should not be ignored, Uzm. Cl. Ps. Erdoğan said, “If you see this situation as a habit, imitation, and attract attention, you may face many other problems later on. Nail biting can manifest itself for more severe and sometimes pathological reasons.

Conflict between parents can lead to nail biting

One of the experts of, Uzm. Cl. Ps. Nermin Erdoğan underlines that being angry with children who bite their nails, getting angry, humiliating or punishing in the community is one of the main behaviors that should not be done. Explaining that it will be a much more important step to eliminate the situation that causes anxiety and stress in order to find a solution to the process, Uzm. Cl. Ps. Erdoğan continues his words as follows: “In order to solve the nail biting problem, it is of great importance to improve the unhealthy processes that push the person to this behavior and provide healthier solutions.

It may be useful to get information from the teachers about the child who shows nail biting behavior during the school period. Children may have problems at school and may tend to hide it. Children’s conflicts with their friends, maladaptive behaviors, and stress factors can also cause unhealthy reactions in relation to the school process. Healthy answers that cannot be obtained from the child can be observed with the cooperation of the teacher. Nail biting in children can also occur due to stress caused by parental conflicts. Incompatible behaviors are that parents have an important place in their children’s lives and that they do not reflect their stress factors, conflicts and disagreements on children; Considering that incompatibility may occur due to domestic unrest, care should be taken to act sensitively.

Whether the cause of the behavior is imitation should be investigated

Stating that children can sometimes learn nail biting behavior from other children or adults by imitation, Uzm. Cl. Ps. Nermin Erdoğan says that while examining the process, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is learned through imitation or not. exp. Cl. Ps. Erdoğan reminds that it is important to direct the nail-biting child to different activities that will distract him.

Explaining that doing activities related to infection with nail-biting children, creating games suitable for their age, using stories or animations about the harms of microbes are successful in solving this problem. Cl. Ps. Erdoğan said, “In times of anxiety, attention can be drawn to another direction by making use of stress balls. In this process, a control mechanism should be established by being open to warnings by the close environment to carry out a joint cooperation. Solutions should be sought on the reasons that lead to this behavior and it is necessary to try to extinguish the behavior by mentioning its harms. If a solution cannot be found, expert support should be sought.

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