My Weight Loss Has Stopped! 5 Booster Diet Tips

Today, I will touch on 5 important points for your weight that has suddenly stopped during the weight loss process. First of all, it is normal for you to stop losing weight and it is something that everyone experiences from time to time. So please stay calm. Never give up and don’t get discouraged and stressed. The most important thing in this process is motivation!

Because a diet is started with enthusiasm, 1-2 weeks progress is very good and motivated, even 3-4 kilos are lost on the scale. In the following weeks, there is not much change in weight ratios and then weight loss starts again. So it’s perfectly normal for your weight loss to start fast and then slow down. Everyone goes through this process like this.

Never forget that if your weight is high, there will be a rapid loss, if it is less, there will be a gradual loss. So stay calm. Or, as your weight loss progresses very well and comes to normal ranges, it will slow down or perhaps stop. Not to panic and not to lose motivation is very important on the road to success. However, to keep this motivation alive, I say take a look at the things I will talk about now!

1- Review What You Eat During the Day

This may be the most important. Because when I come across people who say I tried every way but couldn’t lose weight, they lose good weight with the diet lists I prepared for them. For this reason, I think that if the record of the foods consumed during the day is not kept, it can be overdone. What exactly did you beat? how much did you beat? subject is unknown.

In fact, I think that these are food consumptions that are already consumed as healthy but reach excessive calorie amounts at the end of the day. The reason for this is that we do not know what we eat or do not notice because we are not paying attention.

Especially when you are dieting yourself, the things you say “this is not too many calories” or the thought that you can eat more because it is healthy may be misleading you. Because of this misconception, you may be consuming more food than you need. Greens are also included in this group. It is useful to review everything that enters the stomach.

For example; You got hungry and ate 3-4 walnuts during the day, but you didn’t even notice. Then an hour or two passed, and then you had a coffee with milk. Then, a few small packages of snacks were served, let’s say you bought them. Here it all means that you take in extra calories at the end of the day. You should definitely evaluate these consumptions. It can be a guide for you to write down everything you eat from morning to night for a week.

With this technique, you will notice what you eat extra at the end of the day. This is the problem that I observe most and it is usually solved with weekly records. When the snacks continue throughout the day, weight loss often stops anyway!

2- If You Follow Uniform Diet Lists, Change Them

Let’s say you have a list and you are applying it, or you have a method in mind and you try it. These advances provide you with weight loss for 1-2 weeks and then the weight loss stops. The fact that the weight loss process has stopped in a short time also scares you and lowers your motivation. It may even affect your perception of diet negatively.

In such cases, know: This progress may have stalled because you lost weight fast. Perhaps the body perceived rapid weight loss as a threat and took care of itself. Or none at all and your body just got used to it. So the weight loss stopped and you are left unsolved.

If your body is used to losing weight with the diet list you follow, your body may have stopped losing weight. Going out of the diet types you apply from time to time will solve this problem. When your weight loss stops, you can switch to different types of nutrition and continue to lose weight. But again, I want you to know that; There should be a list that is suitable for you and prepared according to your needs. Otherwise, you won’t get results after a week or two!

3- Benefit From Detoxes

If your weight loss has stopped, you can apply detox from time to time. Of course, the detoxes you apply and how much you apply are also important. He should be on his mind. Because when people stop losing weight, they immediately start looking for a solution. That’s when detoxes come into play. Short-term detoxes can be preferred to surprise the body. Besides, the activation of your stagnant weight will increase your motivation in this process. But again, what you do and how long you do it is very important!

From time to time, I also share my detox recipes to motivate you. If you try those recipes that I have shared in these situations, you will both lose fat and not be hungry and activate your stagnant weight. When your stagnant weight moves, your weight loss will not stop again easily.

4- Continue Your 1-Hour Walks Every Day

Even if you are not on a diet, we strongly recommend walking for 1 hour every day. First and foremost for your health. Our aim is an active lifestyle!

However, when weight loss begins during the diet process, there is usually a decrease in exercise days. Anyway, the perception of losing weight reduces the number of exercises. Naturally, after that, the weight loss stops. Adding movement to your daily routine makes a difference for your body and weight loss begins again. As long as you have sports in your life, it seems unlikely that your weight loss will stop.

5- Stop Dieting by Measuring Portions for 1 Week

There are rare individuals who have tried everything and still lose weight. This is my advice for them!

So your body is literally in the standstill phase. When this is the case, you have to leave the diet for 1 week. In addition to the foods you always eat, consume the foods that come in front of you in a mixed way. But do not increase your portion amount while doing this. So your portion size stays the same. It’s like eating pasta with a spoon, and dessert with a spoon. For 1 week, continue to consume every food by spoon without gaining weight. You just need to keep your weight the same and free-feed while doing so. When the body sees that different foods come in a controlled manner, it will not prepare the environment for weight gain. At the end of this free week, when you start dieting again, your weight loss will begin and your resistance will be broken.

But; I recommend you to try this method when the first four methods don’t work. The most important part of this fifth method; Free feeding for 1 week but staying at the same weight. This is the only condition!

I would also like to say that; When you can’t lose weight for 1 week, it doesn’t mean that weight loss has stopped. It is not right to go to the scales every day to keep track of this. Regardless, weighing once a week is ideal and sufficient. Being weighed down during the day will only depress you!

In addition, it is not healthy to lose weight every week; Weight loss that decreases and increases week by week is already ideal. It should not cause panic. The weight of a person who has already lost 30-40 kilos may suddenly stop in one place, but it is not possible for a person who has lost 10-15 kilos to lose weight easily. Or you may have lost weight to your ideal weight and then stopped losing weight, which is perfectly normal. Because you are ideal, that means you have reached the point you can reach! When you think that you are experiencing such problems, I suggest you evaluate these situations.

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