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Aesthetically speaking:

We call the structure consisting of two small holes and a bone roof in the middle of our two eyes, above our lips, as the nose.

The most important factor that ensures the size and beauty of our eyes and that our lips and cheeks are full and prominent are these structures of our nose and the very thin angles it makes with the face.

No matter how beautiful your eyes, full lips and cheeks are, if these angles are distorted, the outside eye focuses directly on the nose area. The perception of those beautiful eyes, lips and cheeks in the brain is reset, and the shapelessness of the nose remains in the brain of the viewer.

This is the person whose nose is aesthetically damaged. to feel uglye psychologically decrease in self-confidencecauses.

Aesthetic nose surgeries are applied especially in the young age group experiencing such problems, in order to aesthetically create the nose and these angles and prevent their self-confidence from breaking.

For this reason, the best nose aesthetic surgery: While providing the angles of the nose in accordance with the face, it is provided with the least incision in patients who have undergone incisions from the outside, where it is not understood that the nose has been operated before. We to this Closed Technique Rhinoplastywe name it.

Sometimes due to problems in anatomical structures reverse V or W to the front of the noseAlthough the Open Technique Rhinoplasty technique, which can be understood as an aesthetic surgery in the advanced period when the entrance is made by making incisions in the form of incisions, has been abandoned recently, it can sometimes be used as an alternative to the Closed technique or in combination.

Considering it as a function:

The entrance is also divided into two small holes by cartilage anteriorly and posteriorly by bone structure. We build this Septum namewe give.

On the side walls of the entrances, there are 3 half-moon structures on both sides that turn the air back. We these turbinate namewe give.

Duties of turbinates:

the air nasal region It turns the upper part of the back of the small tongue we call (the place where your nail touches when you put your index finger behind the little tongue.). During this rotation, the right and the left work alternately (between 30 minutes and 3 hours) at the same time. humidifies, warms and cleans the air.

On the sides of this opened building ear pressure compensatorwhat we call Mouths of Eustachian tubeshas.

Again, these structures direct the air upwards and us to smellalso provides.

Due to the fact that there are holes between which the fluid in the sinus cavities and the tear duct are opened. to moisten the pharynx areathey help.

As a result, air does not enter through the nostrils and go up to the brain. It is turned into the nasal region by means of pipes made of meat in the form of a bent half-moon.( In order for air to pass through a piping system, the inlet, middle and outlet must be open. This is a physics rule, not a medical knowledge.)


at the exit of the nose in children This is the problem we see. Normally every child has it because it is a tonsil. It is protective up to the age of 12 against microbes coming from the front of the nose. It is considered to be lost after this age. The nasal discharge can not be done correctly, the children who have a continuous post-nasal drip, many of whom are allergic, due to the overdoing of the protective function, they grow and cause problems by blocking the mouth of the nasal exit hole and / or the Eustachian tube.

child’s nose mouth of the holewill be clogged; Snoring, sleeping with your mouth open, constant drooling from your mouth to your pillow at night, cessation of breathing, persistent cough, not eating(The chewer can’t chew and swallow. It keeps turning in its mouth and sometimes spitting out)

If the nose expands to the sides of the hole, it is because the mouth of the Eustachian tube is blocked. Fluid buildup in the ear(since the middle ear cannot be discharged) hearing and comprehension problems, ear infections are commonit occurs.

The trick is this:As the exit of the road is clogged with a meat complaints are continuous or recurring after treatment.(In cases of epidemic or infection, there is COMPLAINT only for that period)

In order to avoid permanent problems in the future, it is recommended to follow up and perform surgery if necessary.


It is the inclination of the middle cartilage and/or bone that divides the nose into right and left, preventing air passage to the exit hole.

It is generally thought to be structural and/or the result of any impact.

Since the air cannot be directed backwards: Complaints such as snoring, sleeping with mouth open, waking up tired and sluggish in the morning, decreased understanding and learning ability of the body without rest, stopping breathing many times during sleep, tendency to sleep during the day, early lung and heart problems occur.

The trick is this: The patient sleeps comfortably or breathes well when he lies on whichever nostril is blocked. He feels a problem when he lies on the open side or on his back. (Again, it is the rule of physics. The feet of those who stand constantly, their head does not swell. Because there is gravity. When the patient lies on the closed side, the closed side closes well and the open side stays open because it stays up.) At the same time, they constantly rotate in bed to maintain this position.

It is recommended that these patients are either followed up by taking precautions (learning the curved side and tilting to that side) or surgery under appropriate conditions.

I think a second point that is known to be wrong is that it is said that these surgeries should be done after the age of 18. Yes, this was thought and expected in the past, but with the emergence of the child septoplasty method, septoplasty can be applied to children for the last 10-15 years.

If there is a curvature of the nose in children, I think septoplasty is more important than adults. Because while waiting, for example, if the right side of the child’s nose is blocked, the outer roof will shift to the opposite side, that is, to the left, disrupting the aesthetic appearance of the child and causing the addition of Aesthetic nose surgery at an advanced age. (To fix the outer roof) Again, there is no return for the growth, developmental retardation, and the decline in school success that OCCURRED during this period.

In children, septoplasty is simpler. Curved cartilage is straightened, Bone is like a fresh and wet tree. To the curved bone old tree shardwe create and leave the shape we want with the buffer.

(If you break a dry tree, it will break. If you break a wet tree, it will stay as you broke it. If you support it, it will stay as you supported it. This is what we use. This is a rule of nature.)


As a result of the swelling of the meat structures on the side walls of the nose that turn the air back, the canal narrows and cannot turn the air back again.

The patient’s complaints are like adenoid curvature in childhood, and curvature of the middle part of the nose in adults.

In addition, there may be more than two consecutive sneezing, sneezing, red and burning eyes, cough that does not go away in spring or all year, itching and rashes on exposure to certain substances or foods.

There is usually a family history of allergies or asthma. Chest diseases should be followed up with the Department of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine.

The trick is this: Since children have the same complaints as adenoids and curvature of the nose in advanced ages, these operations should never be performed urgently, if the person is thought to be free of allergy, they should be performed or a treatment for absolute allergy should be arranged after the operation. This is the most important reason for experiencing the same problems again after the surgery.

I would like to share with you a sentence that I brought to Turkish Medicine based on my professional experience.

“CHILDREN WITH LONG, TIGHT AND UP-FAISE EYELASHES ARE ALLERGIC OR ALLERGIC TENDENCIES.”These children, known as beautiful eyes in the family, are a sign of allergy for me.

Saying this sentence for adults, especially for women, made me wrong even because of the occasional make-up. Therefore, it should be examined and combined with family history.

The treatment is done with medication and follow-up, if it is very difficult, the meat is reduced by the radio-frequency method known as laser among the people.


It is the blockage of the holes in the side walls of the nose (forehead area, cheekbones, inner parts of the eyes and sinuses in the skull base) where the sinus cavities are opened with a mucus plug or infection.

Most important Get the complaint and it is pain around the eyes . This pain is described by the patient as my head is like a basket, and it usually increases with forward-backward movement of the head. Still nasal discharge and cough that does not go away due to the discharge, bad breathit could be.

The most important element in the treatment is to clean the nose with water and salty carbonated solutions and remove the mucus plugs. In addition, antibiotics can be added depending on the examination.

Nose cleaning information:

1-Nose cleaning should be done by drawing deep water into one nostril. Close the other side and blow your nose. It is correct to apply it in this way so that the mucus plugs come out and there is no pain and pressure increase in the ear due to blowing. Deep cleaning cannot be done by drawing water from both noses and there is pain in the ears, especially in children, and pressure increase in adults. After all, children and adults who sniff and swallow the dirt…

2-When cleaning the nose in babies, tools called aspirators should be used. The direction of this aspirator is always kept upwards as it is thought that the hole goes up. BUT IT IS TOTALLY WRONG. The hole does not turn upwards, but turns towards the nasal cavity with the meat on the side wall; The aspirator tip should be directed towards the nape or the nape with the head looking slightly back.

3-Salt water, sea-ocean waters are not used for more than 1 week-10 days. The purpose of these solutions is to remove the edema-swelling inside the nose. (The answer to the question why 1 week-10 days is related to chemistry. The mechanism in the resolution of edema is the osmosis event. The substance that attracts water in osmosis is an ion. While there is 1 unit of Cl- as an ion inside the cell, you are 5 If you give a unit of Cl-, this will equal 3 units in 1 week-10 days and cause the cell to remain swollen afterward.)

4-Salt-carbonated waters can always be used. (When – ion is HCO3-, osmosis is continuous.)

5-Nasal opening sprays (Decongestant group) are not used for more than 5 days. It causes the nose to feel closed even if it is open.

6-Allergy sprays can be used continuously. The substance in it passes into the blood at a rate of 0.2-0.4%, and it seems to have no side effects on the body. Small capillaries can cause nosebleeds. If it does, you can take a break for 1-2 days and continue.

7-Whichever spray is sprayed, its direction should be towards the neck. It should be directed upwards only in the case we call Nasal Polyp.

Nasal Cleansing and Moisturizing Solution Recipe (SALINE SOLUTION):


-1 cup (200cc)

-one teaWiping the spoon (NOT heaping) SALT

-1/2 teaspoon BAKING SODA

Put the salt and carbonate in the glass, melt it by putting 1 finger of hot water. Fill 1 glass by adding warm clean water to the top and drip it into your nose with an old nasal spray or a plastic syringe.


It is the obstruction of the opening channels in the side wall by the growth of flesh and/or bone, which we call polyp.

This occurs over 6 months or recurs frequently.

The most important complaint is postnasal drip and pain is usually absent. Paranasal Sinus Tomography is the gold standard in guiding treatment. Endoscopic sinus surgery can be applied according to the structure seen.


It is the accumulation of non-inflammatory fluid in the ear as a result of the occlusion of the eustachian tubes in the nasal region where the back of the nose is opened by Allergic or Adenoid. Since it is non-inflammatory, antibiotics are meaningless in the treatment if there is no inflammatory nasal discharge.

If the ear is followed by pressure (tympanogram) and does not improve, pressure equalization tubes can be inserted into the ears.

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