My Home My New World in Quarantine

1) At least 15 minutes each day for each item of the Body, Mind, Professional Development, Personal Development, My Relationships, Relaxation and Self-Reflection categories. Take your time productively.

2) For size; Choosing videos from youtube according to level and interest, following the live broadcasts of sports instructors.

3) For the mind; Reading a book (recommendation: it is good to read several books at the same time, you can choose your book according to your mood, one book will be more information-heavy, while the other book may be more distracting and easy to read)

4) For professional development; Watching videos, buying training from educational content sites like udemy, thinking about career planning, producing content and of course working.

5) For Personal Development;

Set topic titles.

Develop your general culture,

For example;

– Watching 15 of the top 100 movies on imdb.

-To study world history.

– Reading about religions.

– Examining painters and famous paintings.

-To plan a cultural trip for the day after the quarantine.

-Learning basic knowledge in different fields.

-Writing a diary, taking pictures as you go out.

6) For my relations; Calling family elders every other day, meeting their needs online, making appointments with friends and having group meetings, participating in online concerts together, using words of love, giving morale, making common dreams for after the quarantine.

7) For Relaxation and Returning to Oneself; Take a warm shower, prepare your tea, turn on some non-tiring meditation music, do your breathing exercises. I’m fine right now, I’m safe, remind yourself that everything is okay.

Do not hesitate to seek online psychotherapy if your anxiety level rises.

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