my grandfather’s garden

My grandfather has a garden for my husband. It is a huge land where there are fruit and walnut trees, vineyards in some parts, and tomatoes and peppers in some. Close to the city but quiet place. It’s the kind of place that adults can’t find but kids don’t like to go to.
Yesterday, we went on a little tour in the garden with the team in the photo. I asked fun questions about nature.
Knowing said. The one who didn’t know learned the truth.
But they got bored after a while. One by one, they dispersed.
We used to be very happy in this garden when we were kids. We used to hang around in it. We would have enjoyed it, especially if so many children came together. We played all kinds of games. We would just play for hours. And if an adult would take care of us, play games… It would be awesome.
Today, none of these children were happy in this garden. It is not valuable for them to have so many children together. Children are no longer able to form games on their own, they cannot stay in the game they have established. Because their minds are always there, they stay in virtual games that they cannot play.
When this happens, they make their parents uneasy.
The issue is resolved like this:
Either they take their phones in their hands and sit under a tree in this magnificent nature and take care of it,
Either they make more unrest and take their parents from there.

I have a longing for my own childhood, I wish I was a child in their place now and run and play in the garden. But that’s not what they want. I wonder if we are trying to make our children live our own longing.
Today is a holiday, but the holidays are not enjoyable for them either.
All of them are dying to be found as a duty and to return to the virtual again.
What are you experiencing, what do you think?
What do you see in your own children?

With longing..
Hatice Alpagut

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