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When you see the title of stress and ways of coping on the pages of the magazine, I understand your classical expectation of the definition of stress, its causes, let’s see what you should do step by step, but you are faced with an article where you cannot meet this expectation. Our aim with this article is to intervene in your cycle of familiarity, even a little, and to enable you to look at stress in a different way, maybe even a little bit. How did stress get so close to you? He has always been with you, from the moment you were a fetus to the moment of your birth, and he accompanies you in life like your blood. In this article, the aim is to catch the stress in your breath rather than scientific data, articles and related literature.

Human nature becomes familiar with and normalizes many things over time. Television and newspapers, magazines, seminars, trainings, information about stress in books and news are integrated into the flow of our lives, just like stress itself, and this is actually your state of familiarity and weariness when you find yourself eating a cake at a crazy speed in a patisserie despite the weight gain you noticed on the scales. it doesn’t affect much. You take the books and magazines, put them on your coffee table and in your bag, read them when you have the opportunity, and let yourself fall into the arms of stress again, you watch the stress dominate your life without being able to do anything. That’s why its popularity is growing rapidly. There must be a way for you to create momentum in this regard.

Our friend, stress is beneficial for us, in fact, zero-level stress may cause us to endanger our lives or fail an exam that we have to pass, and lose the race. We need enough stress to activate our existence, to be motivated when necessary, to escape when necessary. That is, like everything else (medicine, love, compassion, self-sacrifice, etc.), it is an element that ensures our continuity in life and must be present in a certain dose to maintain our lives. But, as in everything else, it is not in our power to exaggerate the dose of stress. One of the biggest reasons is always wanting more. Our surprisingly increasing desire to consume is like a spring that fuels and nourishes stress…

There is a lot of valuable information and training on stress and stress management, stress management training, and coping with anger at the hairdresser’s and bookstore, and it is quite common. Newspapers and television as well as videos, experts always try to help in this regard. Even though stress management seems to meet our needs, we read, watch, and then return to our old lives and cycles, of course, we continue to live, multiply and spread our stress together with our new awareness. Since we have summarized what happened to us in this way, it’s time to make the classical and popular address. It will be an important step to start by briefly reviewing what it really is, its existence and effects in our lives, and accepting stress as a fact of our lives.

Stress is the physiological and psychological behavioral reactions that occur as a result of the interaction of people with their social and physical environment. Often the unpleasant and negative aspects of stress are emphasized and the positive aspects are ignored. In Chinese, the word stress is a combination of symbols for danger and opportunity. Stress includes both of these concepts. To describe positive stress here; It plays a motivating and stimulating role for the individual. Difficulties in catching desired opportunities such as gaining fame and advancement in work can be said as positive stress. Stress can often stimulate creativity after time pressure, and it can also be exciting.

Negative stress is; Negative life experiences such as death, unemployment, lack of career advancement, exam failure, which occur when under too little or too much tension, are within the scope of this type of stress. The physical, psychological, emotional and behavioral symptoms of stress are actually very familiar to us.

physical symptoms; excessive weight gain or weight loss, constant tiredness/weakness, frequent headaches for no reason, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, excessive smoking, being more open to catch colds and colds, loss of energy, feeling tired and irritable.

Psychological symptoms; irritability, intolerance, crying easily, not enjoying life, being afraid of being sick or thinking that one is sick, not remembering events and people, forgetting things to do, excessive uneasiness, fear and worry, inability to focus on a job constantly, depression-self-esteem and low self-esteem, placing too much emphasis on other people’s opinions, inability to make decisions and start a business, often being pessimistic, increasingly daydreaming.

Emotional and behavioral symptoms are; In short, being unsure of decisions, inability to make decisions, failure to complete the work on time, overlooked and increased errors, absenteeism, slow acting, frequent job changes, unhappiness about work, lack of interest and lifelessness, complaining more than usual about work, hyperactivity or vice versa, reduced communication and listening abilities, outbursts of anger and initiation of persistent violent arguments, decreased ability to relax and listen, crying fits, and dullness.

When negative stress continues for a long time, it prepares the ground for the formation of various physical and psychological disorders. physical ailments; It is manifested by a tense throat, tightness in the back and neck, labored breathing, rapid heartbeat, cold but sweaty hands and feet, tense leg muscles. psychological disorders; frequent changes in emotions, anger, feelings of hopelessness, excessive crying, anxiety, depression and the most common Burnout syndrome.

It would be a much more functional approach to look at how we can coexist with negative stress and how we can transform it into positive stress.

Whatever creates the stress affects us according to how we view that cause and the way we accept it. If we take the exam as an example, we have to show a performance and success is the primary goal, so we should not forget that the words we say to ourselves will shape our perspective here and appeal to our emotions with our actions. That is, the sentence “I have to pass this exam” will push us into the cycle and tension of obligations and requirements, “I want to pass this exam successfully” will be a sentence that feeds and motivates our own capacity, our belief in ourselves, and also enables us to work as a “positive stress sentence”. In this way, we can do exercises to construct positive stress sentences specific to the situations we will encounter. When you make a negative stress sentence and realize it (you can warn your environment to warn you about this), you will have to turn it into a positive and repeat it. This is a form of self-convincing. Affirmation will affect your thought-emotion-behavior cycle over time and will allow you to put it among your useful habits.

When it becomes inevitable to be in relationships and places where you cannot relieve tension, you can create shelters at home or at work. This shelter may also be a beautiful place that you have envisioned in your mind, that you have visited before or that you have dreamed of going to/people you enjoy being with. When you focus your preference on comfort and relaxation in every way, your refuge can be in your mind at your desk, on a sofa in your home. Also, getting a punching bag will also help. Being able to take a walk, attend yoga and breathing exercise workshops, maybe go to a movie, or use stress balls are the emergency exits when you encounter negative stressors and in the process after you encounter them. It will be beneficial for you to adopt habits that destroy monotony, such as making your way home in different ways, eating at a different place every lunch break, or being with different people.

Find your escape music to listen to on your phone (you should choose a song that is your favorite and that will cheer you up or relax) in cases of negative stress and afterwards, buy and read a humor magazine at least once a week, if you do not have a shelter at home, go to a park in case of negative stress source people and situations or places. Return to yourself, even if it is for 15 minutes, in the cafe or in the cafe, write down the negative stress phrases that have formed in you on a piece of paper, throw them in the trash, and return to your home with your detox state. At the point where you cannot do all these, do not forget to try to get professional help…

Value your existence..stay safe.

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