My Cici Weapon (Documentary Review)

America is the only homeland of people whose history, art, school, in short, all parts of their lives are full of guns. The American dream of fear and anxiety, successfully instilled in people by the media, corporations and politicians. But this American dream, contrary to what we know, is a dream that confines people to their homes, not to freedom, but to avoid crime and violence.

It’s not a very surprising picture in a place that is the center of capitalism, to be honest. A state that makes the poor even poorer and the vulnerable rich richer and protects them in order to develop. When we look at the history of most states, violence, blood and death, which we can see, is valid in America, maybe even less than other states. The coexistence of different ethnicities is also present here, as in most countries. The poor are highly regarded, but there is no clear difference when compared to other countries. So, how can these people have such an intense killing motive, like the example of Columbine high school? If it was made more difficult to have guns, for example, if you go to a bank and open an account, you are prevented from presenting a gun after a very simple document analysis, selling bullets in a place where you go just to get a haircut, even in barber shops, and accessing the crime tool so easily is prevented. As the comedian in our movie says, accidental killing may disappear as long as the weapons, etc., which are sold in the aisles of Kmart-style markets, where the bullets that cost one’s life are sold, are completely removed and access to the weapon is materially and morally hindered. The place where Eric and Dylan lived and grew up is a real gun paradise. They start their high school life, which is known as the center of horror for America in every context, after their childhood, which was intertwined with so many guns and facing people. Being from a poor group, that is, parents with suburban education levels, who have to work hours away from their children to earn money rather than the glittering American life that is thought to be, have completely given up hope from the state and the police, maybe their trust has been destroyed due to the sanctions of the state, so they want to protect themselves and their children. parents who are compelled to use guns. Also, many children’s families in that neighborhood work in the nearby arms factory. In other words, the people they would take as role models at a young age were going to make weapons and bombs to kill people every day. If they did not do this, that is, if they did not cause the death of others, they would face the fear of death that is now in their collective consciousness. Eric and Dylan are children who grew up with a makeshift education in a society that kills to live, unaware of the existence of toleration and conscience, and more importantly, they have lost their ability to hope, which is one of the most important vital functions of a person. They were defined as asocial by their friends, so they did not have many friends, that is, they had very little social life, which is important especially for that age group to be healthy. In addition, they live in a poor area. No matter how hard one tries , it is a good example of the negative outcome of the theory of equality . People are intimidated like bombs waiting to revolt against the state, and that fighting with the pen will fail, and they are in complete learned desperation, clinging to their swords. Families have faults in this regard. The fact that they have a gun with great fear throughout the state and work madly with the anxiety of hunger, depriving their children of the education they need to have an autonomous personality from a young age, and most importantly, the unconditional love and healthy attachment process may have pushed their children to become murderers. Maybe this massacre was their way of telling their families and people around them that we were here, we were living with you. He was perhaps as guilty as Eric and Dylan in the people who took up arms, even in any image of fear that showed the classic conditioning of society. Or an inadequate level of education, which may cause him to misread an artist like Marliyn Monson, is also to blame. Since he could not teach the beauty of the flow of life, he taught children how to play bowling as a lesson and said to them, ‘You are empty and useless people, the most precious thing in life is that you can waste your time with such empty lessons. You don’t need more. You are already exhausted, you will always continue like this’ because it instills a pessimistic way of thinking. I find it pointless to blame their friends in general, because they have almost the same problems, both family and school, but for Eric and Dylan, their insulting adjectives can be considered as a motivating factor. One of the most important human needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy, ‘security’, is not met, and people are expected to protect themselves on their own. In this insecure environment, especially Eric and Dylan develop a healthy relationship and are deprived of their need for relationality. And the state and its toy media, which make the American society cowardly and self-seeking, should be theirs to blame. American administrators, who wage a direct war to take advantage of the turmoil in any country, are aware of the importance of human life and freedom. They have so beautifully imposed that human life is unimportant that people can now evaluate massacres as a normal event. And they promoted the gun so well to their people that owning a gun has become synonymous with being an American. At the macro level, these sanctions appear at the micro level, as in Columbine high school.

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