“my child is wetting the bed”

Bedwetting in children (Enuresis) is a problem that should be taken seriously. It is also known as night urination. It can be explained as involuntary urinary incontinence in children after 3-4 years of age. A pathological cause is sought for night wetting after 4 years of age. These causes can be psychological or physiological.

If the child’s urine control behavior has never been gained, if the bed wetting continues, including toilet training, it can be said that it is physiological. Doctor control is required. However, re-wetting the bed of a child who has completed toilet training and achieved urine control can be evaluated psychologically.

Many psychological reasons can cause bedwetting. There may be many reasons such as a new sibling, faulty parents’ attitude during toilet training, stress, unrest in the family, divorce, separation anxiety, negative beliefs about self, lack of self-confidence, moving, death, new caregiver. This situation worries the child who wets the bed the most and can cause loss of self-confidence.

Advice to parents;

Not behaving in a way that criticizes or punishes.

Not checking in around others or not wanting someone else to check their bed.

Not trying to toilet train again.

Not to embarrass the child with the questions why you are doing it underneath.

Stay calm and investigate the causes.

It is very important to be understanding and give the child time.

Even the smallest successful step should be verbally appreciated.

Fluid intake before bedtime should be reduced

When he is very tired, he should be made to go to the toilet before going to bed.

An expert support should be sought as soon as possible, it should not be neglected.

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