My Child Is In Adolescence Crisis

Adolescence is one of the most challenging periods for parents. Now he is neither a child nor an adult.

Now we have difficulty in recognizing our child. They become overly touchy, shut themselves in their rooms; they shout that they want to be free, they lock their doors; they gain more and more autonomy but are not very good at organizing; They reason wisely on one subject, but are irresponsible and inconsistent on another.

The period of needing parental care is over. Gone are the years when we devoted ourselves to protecting them and taking them to the park. While it was very popular in the past, it is difficult to be ignored now.

Even though the period of dependency on us is over, the ancients need the safety net we have created for them. If we are not with them physically and spiritually, they will panic. They do not want to show their needs to us. In fact, their priority is their friends. However; we should not take this rejection of us personally by our children; What matters is our relationship.

Regular family activities such as game tournaments played jointly in the family, creativity-based competitions organized at family tables and allowing family members to distract themselves, and sports activities performed together enable us to strengthen the bond we establish with our child, whether in adolescence or adulthood.

We should try to arrange our schedule so that we can spend time alone with each of our children individually. Moreover, we can both show our love and feel their love for us, not only physically, but by being with them in every sense.

Love is perhaps the only key to endure the storms of our adolescence while trying to find its own identity and to get through this period with the least damage. The best way to show our love is to make them feel that we are with them instead of standing in front of them.

We don’t need to do anything to love; We just have to be with them!

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