My Child, Hands Off His Nose!

A behavior we encounter almost everywhere is “sniffing”.
People who pull their hands out of their noses when eye to eye while at a red light in traffic, or people who are busy at work
catching our colleague poking his nose when we look up while we are immersed in work.
Is this a disease?
What are the psychological reasons?
My child is constantly on his toes, and this bothers me.
Just to eliminate this form of behavior that is not pleasing to our eyes, or to the child in front of us or
We diagnose people with many diseases according to our own minds. If a person in front of us says, “You have a tic disorder.
there is ” or the kid in front of us ” you become the bad boy like if you don’t take your hand off.”
If there is a situation of never taking your hand off your nose, that is, if this is a frequently recurring compulsive situation and
if it is really at the level of impairing the function of using the hand, it can only be seen as a kind of discomfort to the doctor.
can be applied. First of all, the child will go to the otorhinolaryngology department to check the sinuses.
will be. Whether it is caused by the secretion of the nasal mucosa drying out and disturbing it
should be checked. The hairs in our nose allow the polluted air outside to filter and reach our lungs.
while providing; by warming the air in cold weather and humidifying the air in hot weather,
they provide access. It is quite normal for it to dry out from time to time and take it off with the help of a tissue.
Just doing this by creating visual pollution in front of the eyes is an uncomfortable situation for people.

Two doctors in India, Andrade and Srihari, studied the issue of nose picking more closely and
They concluded that people put their hands to their noses on average four times a day. maybe
maybe he does his cleaning with his fingers, not with a tissue. But most people are distracted
Because of this, he sticks his finger into his nose, which is under his hand. Maybe while you’re thinking, maybe decide something.
while giving.
Is the child repeating this behavior while absent-minded or because there is a real problem?
You must analyze. If there is severe itching, you can consult a doctor to check the upper respiratory tract.
If you have not observed a serious situation, such communication with him will be effective;
Picking the nose with the finger is an unpleasant behavior. Sometimes it’s my hand when I dive
It can go to my nose. Then will you warn me I’ll go to the toilet or the bathroom and clean it up. Same way
If I see you, I will warn you. Deal?
If he exhibits this behavior in public, he will feel shame over the child’s behavior and say “don’t do it, pull it”.
Instead of “hand” responses, you can choose to distract him by giving him something else. Your hand
A coloring book, colored pencils, or toys that provide sound finger activity to keep you busy

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