Moxo attention test

Attention; Collecting thoughts and feelings on something is defined as alertness. Attention can be defined differently from person to person. In other words, while attention for one parent is the fact that the child uses the computer well and fails in the lesson, for another, getting 90 in an exam may cause him to judge attention.

Attention has many components. The same component of attention may not be defective for every person. Some people may have trouble concentrating. They depend on each other and can affect each other. But first it would be correct to find the broken component and focus on it.

It’s good to be mindful that we’re born, if we don’t have a developmental problem. We need a lot of attention to learn. Sometimes physical and sometimes environmental factors can cause impaired attention or a decrease in attention span. When this situation, which can be considered normal up to a certain level, exceeds the limit, problems begin to arise.

The limit in attention deficit is age-appropriateness. It is wrong to expect attention performance from a 4-year-old individual. But if he’s been overexposed to electronic devices and not cognitively supported, something needs to be done. To find out what to do, you should first consult a specialist. The specialist should also need material to assess attention.

What is MOXO?

The first thing to do is to determine which part of the attention is impaired. attention; We can do it with MOXO, an online test where we can observe hyperactivity, impulsivity, timing and attention processes. MOXO is a test that includes distractors and analyzes changes in an individual’s performance throughout the test.

Moxo is not made on paper. Since it is done online from the computer, it is less common to complete the test in the classic paper tests. When children take the test, their motivation is high. Moxo contains distractors. In this way, their real performance is revealed.

As a result of the test, which lasts for 20 minutes, an extensive information session is held about which area of ​​attention is impaired and what needs to be done for this. So the family knows almost everything about the child’s attention. He learns how to treat his child. Both themselves and the child breathe a sigh of relief. Because when acting unknowingly, this process can be wearisome for both parties.

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