Movie Review: Mary and Max

Among the films I have watched and analyzed so far, it was the film that impressed me the most. While the story of Mary and Max made me embrace a genuine smile, it sometimes held me captive to tears. I was worried whether the animated movie would provide an opportunity to make inferences about the parent-child relationship by being aware of the reality of what happened. But I was alone with a striking story that shattered all my prejudices.

Mary, an 8-year-old girl in one of the poor neighborhoods of Australia… There is an irresponsible, lying, stealing mother figure. So, do you think this cycle found Mary? Fortunately, it was not feared. Mary’s very successful career quickly escalated. Still, there were some similarities interspersed with the film. After the death of Mary’s father, her mother again took refuge in drinking. A similar experience manifested itself when, after a tense correspondence between Mary and Max, Mary also lost her temper and sought a cure in alcohol. It is not always possible to break this cycle. We can better understand the gravity of the situation for Mary, if we take into account the important role that parents play in the lives of children and adolescents, and that especially school-age children tend to set role models for themselves in this period. We know that children who cannot successfully overcome this process feel inadequate and their self-esteem drops. In the movie, we explore the inner emptiness of Mary, who is exposed to emotional neglect and abuse, especially by her mother. Along with the curiosity arising from this loneliness, he gets a pen pal: Max. An Australian war veteran. He lives alone in New York. His psychological and physical health is not good and he is struggling with Asperger’s syndrome and obesity. His struggle is not so fierce, but he is furious at what life brings and what he excludes. Their acquaintance with Mary and their conversation will be such that something itches in Max and it causes Max to fall into ruin again. While reading Mary’s letters, he had to face his childhood experiences and was labeled “crazy” at the point where he could not get out of the work.

I’m sure the partnerships that have been the subject of Mary and Max’s impressive communication weren’t just what they seemed. They were similar both in appearance and in the confusions in their inner worlds, which I could notice. Mary’s question, “Have you ever been teased?” has stirred Max’s past experiences and angered him. The fact that both of them are in such a close relationship with sweets, especially chocolate, and that there is no stop even at the point where their consumption is harmful to health, has imprisoned them in an endless cycle. However, it would be correct to say that both of them profited from this union. This correspondence helped Mary to gain her self-respect and also provided the opportunity for Max to have a friend with whom she could maintain healthy communication. Both are people who are full of life, joy and warmth at their core. It is probable that they were condemned to loneliness as a result of their parents’ negligence and carelessness. Parents who do not communicate in the same house, are incapable of giving their children life experience, and do not have the qualifications of teachers, inhibit the emotional and mental development of children. But then, with the individual effort of the person and the positive environmental factors, the person can rise and evolve into a different state.

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