It is natural to mourn our losses and we have to live with it. We may experience disruption in our daily work and experience mental problems. In order to live a healthy life, we must complete the mourning process after our loss. Grieving doesn’t mean we forget or don’t love our loss. It means that we can cope with our feelings after a loss by accepting them. Although the grieving process is normal, it is sometimes challenging and it takes time, courage and support to get through the process.

After the loss of a loved one, our mourning process may go through the stages of shock-denial / anger / bargaining / depression / acceptance, some of them may change, or sometimes we may not experience one of these stages.

During the grieving process, it can be helpful to share our pain by communicating with our family and environment, rather than experiencing it alone. During this time, let’s pay attention to the fact that we get enough sleep, eat well, and take care of our physical health. By talking about our loss and sharing our common memories with our family, we can both understand each other better and end our grief. Contrary to what is known, we are in the process of mourning when we do not keep silent and talk about the loss, but do not remove the pictures and look at them. Since being able to express our emotions is very important for our mental health, it may be helpful to write what is inside us and reflect it on pictures. Crying can also help us express our pain and help us relax a bit. It is important that we attend the funeral and visit the grave after the burial, so that we can say goodbye to our loss and face the facts. Being with our loved ones on their death anniversary can alleviate the difficulty of the situation. Even if it is difficult to do activities related to it on special days that remind us of our loss, it will make our mourning easier. For example, after a loss, halva is distributed in our family, food is poured, and traditional ways like this can help us in the mourning process. We can only complete our mourning if we are in the place where we suffered our loss, let’s not go away or visit. Let’s try to resume our work and relationships in life as much as we can. When we cannot cope with our pain and are unable to carry on with our daily activities, seeking psychological help from a mental health professional may be the best decision for ourselves and our loved ones.

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