Mom! Breast!

Mom! Don’t make me wait too long when I’m 0-1!… Don’t give it unintentionally!….

Do you want to sit in the corner and have someone around you serving you all the time? Can’t you stop eating even though you don’t feel hungry? Do you feel happy and enjoy as you eat, as if you came to life to eat? Do you always want to have something in your mouth? Is obesity a problem you can’t solve? Do you use cigarettes as a pacifier? Do you unknowingly pick up objects such as pencils in your mouth and gnaw them? Do you spit and curse often? To the person you love or angry, “I will eat you!”, “I will bite you!” Are you using expressions like Is oral sex your priority over other sexual posts? Do you feel like you enjoy licking and eating something delicious while having oral sex? Do you like kissing a lot? Are you always waiting for your needs to be met by others with childish actions and childish spoilts?

If most of your answers to these questions are “yes”, you may be stuck on the oral period!

It would not be wrong to describe Freud as the father of psychology. As long as he lived, he tried to explain the developmental stages of the spiritual structure of man with many theories, and he shed light on the darkness in this field.

Freud proposed the “existence of an abstract mental apparatus” only as a hypothesis; has not done any observational or experimental work to confirm these hypotheses.

In his “topographic theory”; preconscious, conscious and unconscious, in his “structural theory”; id, ego, superego in his “developmental theory”; defined the oral, anal, phallic, latent and adolescence periods.

Many, after Freud, developmental stages various hypotheses about it. The most important among these is the “oral, anal, phallic, latent and adolescence periods” that Freud defines. developmental theory. . In Freud’s developmental theory, he detailed psychosexual development characteristics according to age groups.

Oral period; According to the developmental theory, it is limited to the 0-1 age range.

Human cubs are born with a sucking instinct. From the moment he is born, when the corner of his mouth is touched, he wants to suck the object that touches him by turning his lips towards that side. The sucking reflex is one of the most basic reflexes that exist from birth. Sucking is vital. In this way, the baby reaches the nutrients it needs to live. While the baby is sucking, he feels intense pleasure both from sucking and from simultaneous satiety.

In time, he realizes that this pleasure is a soothing feeling, and he wants to absorb it when he is hungry or needs to be soothed for another reason. The feeling of relaxation felt by sucking and through the object reached by mouth is called “oral pleasure”. During the first year of life, pleasure is in the oral region.

Oral period child lives like a “God” in the 0-1 age range. He is fed when he cries because he is hungry, is cleaned when he cries because his bottom is dirty, is taken for walks when he is distressed, and everything he needs is met by the other as he cannot talk or walk during this period. He expresses all his needs by necessarily “crying”. In this period, the child cannot actively participate in actions and is passive. Feelings of “deservedness” are high. He lies down, sits down, everything and everyone revolves around him. It is fed, cleaned, loved.

It is precisely during this period that individuals who cannot complete the oral period in a healthy way due to the mistakes made in baby care continue to show similar oral character traits in adulthood.

According to the theory, there are basically two behavioral pattern errors that can lead to oral fixation;

Somebody; These are the situations where the needs of the baby are kept waiting, delayed or not noticed. For example, if the baby’s fasting periods are too long and cannot be fed on time; if the diaper has not been changed even though it is very uncomfortable for his bottom; if the pain due to gas complaints could not be relieved; Although he needs to sleep, he has been in uncomfortable environments due to the needs of his parents; if his/her needs could not be empathetic and understood by his/her parents; In the next development and life stages of the baby, the “need for relaxation” increases a lot. Even if he is not relieved, he will be a child or adult with high tension, restless, with a high sense of aggression, grumpy, constantly murmuring and crying, who cannot be comfortable and happy in any environment. This person is actually a baby whose needs are still not met in the oral period.

The other behavior error is; It is the fulfillment of the baby’s needs without demanding it, more than its needs. Before this baby felt hungry, the breast was placed in his mouth because it was time for feeding; diaper changed without disturbing her bottom; A child whose every need is calculated by his mother/caregiver, and the comfort of the baby is never disturbed, is an over-saturated child. This situation makes the baby feel a great power, happiness and pleasure.

If the correct behavior pattern is; It is to realize the need of the baby, to be understood quickly by the parent after expressing it, to meet the needs of the baby without getting into trouble, and to explain to the baby by speaking in a soft tone during the waiting period until the baby is relieved. In this way, the baby feels that he is cared for and is helped to calm his restlessness with empathetic behavior.

If a person is stuck in the oral period, when he encounters troublesome situations throughout his life, he will turn to oral objects, oral pleasure, either to meet his needs that were not sufficiently satisfied at that time, or to recapture that pleasure and happiness in the best periods of his infancy and to relax.

If the person’s psychosexual development is stuck in the oral period, behavioral characteristics; It’s like a 0-1 year old baby. He does not want to get up from where he is sitting, he wants water, food, tea to be made by someone else and offered to him. He sits in the corner, crosses his legs, lies down, does not get up for hours, people around him constantly carry something. He is always passive, he wants someone to take care of his affairs. He is constantly whining like a baby crying to get his responsibilities and needs done. He quickly feels helpless, unsolvable, and the need for support from another is inevitable. He is very helpless, has the appearance of not being able to do anything, not knowing. Of course, he doesn’t do any of this by planning. Indeed, he feels helpless and is in a very difficult situation to make sense of from the outside.

Sitting in the corner of someone who is constantly serving, waiting for all his needs to be met without getting up, who makes the hell out of his tea because he came five minutes late, can’t stop eating, feels happy as he eats, enjoys it, can’t stay empty, obesity A person who does not drop the cigarette from his mouth like a pacifier that has taken the right way, puts objects such as pencils into his mouth without realizing it, gnaws at them, spitting a lot, swearing a lot, using expressions such as “I will eat you”, “I bite you”, which includes the mouth area when he loves or is angry, and who has oral sex who enjoys being licked, feels like eating something delicious while having oral sex, loves to kiss, wants to kiss often, always waits for someone else’s needs with childish gestures and perspicacity, doesn’t do it himself if it’s not done, even gives up what he needs “but after a while People who say I do, now I have other jobs!

Could you be stuck with the oral period?

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