Moles (melanocytic nevus)

in public “I”known as “Nevus”lThey are structures formed by the proliferation of cells called melanocytes that produce melanin, which gives color to the skin.

These colored tumoral lesions, which are generally harmless, are often brown or black in color. Some are raised from the skin, while others are at the level of the skin. They can be congenital or they can occur later. Moles that extend into the deeper layer of the skin “intradermal nevus”They can be observed in skin color.

It shows familial characteristics. It is one of the most common formations in the Caucasian race and is less common in blacks and dark-skinned people, but is not found in red-haired people. Sun-exposed areas are risky areas for the formation of new moles. These types of moles begin to appear in early childhood. They reach their maximum number in young adulthood. Atypical melanocytic nevi persist throughout life and are believed to not regress. Atypical melanocytic nevi are precursor lesions for skin cancers called melanoma.

If an NMN is located on the scalp, mucous membrane, genital area, has a rapid change in diameter, is mottled, has irregular borders and enlarges, if the lesion has eroded without a trauma, if there is constant pain, bleeding, itching in the lesion, a dermatologist must be consulted. (skin specialist)must be seen by

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